Overflowing with THANKSGIVING…

A Thanksgiving thank you!

Dear Friends at Agape!

Not out of routine but rather out of a grateful heart we want to present our appreciative thank to you. We have received again... abundant provisions at this Thanksgiving time , expressing your love and concern for us in such a tangible way.  It was received and will be enjoyed as we celebrate God's Faithfulness though another year. 

After a summer of home assignment in Germany we are back in Haiti sine the end of Oct. it truly felt like coming home to us. We are thankful that we can still serve our Lord here among the people we have learned to love over the past four decades.

We also want to express our appreciation for the wonderful and reliable service you are rendering to the missionary community! God's blessings, guidance and continued protection!!!

Gratefully from Haiti,  Johannes and Luise

Thank You!

Dear Agape Flights Family,

Thank you again from our family for the wonderful “Thanksgiving Box” and turkey!  It’s especially hard to be away from family at this time of year…but you have reminded us that we are not alone!  We have a great family of “brothers & sisters in Christ.”  Thanks for ALL you do.  You’re so appreciated!

Jeff, Becky & David Wiles

Note of thanksgiving

Dear Agape staff and volunteers,

Marlene and I are very thankful to God and to godly people like you who care about what we are doing down here in the mission field. Thank you for your love and your support. And thanks for the thanksgiving meal you share with us. We will take it with a profound thanksgiving spirit and attitude.

We wish you all a happy thanksgiving season.


Joel & Marlene Dorsinville



Dear Agape,

Just a quick note to thank you so much for continuing the tradition of sending in Thanksgiving Dinner. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate it.

This year, our Thanksgiving will fall on the eve before our daughter's wedding. She is flying back to Haiti on the 24th to be wed on Friday the 27th. It will be our first Thanksgiving with her since she graduated from High School in 2007.

Expect some photos of the big event.

Blessings, A. Randall and Anita Chabot-Stahls, Port-au-Prince.

very special thank you

...Thanks too for the boxes with Thanksgiving items. We are so thankful for you all and for all the encouragement and support you give to the missionaries.

God Bless, Deb, Rod and Katie Wray

Happy Thanksgiving, Agape Flights!
We, along with the Praise Team from The English Church, enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal last evening.
I was so busy preparing and eating (and cleaning up) that I forgot to take pictures!
I am having pumpkin pie for breakfast right now!
Thank you so much for your part in our great meal of Thanks Giving!

Peg & Bill Pearson

Thank You!!!

Nunemaker 1 Nunemaker 2

Thank you so much for the traditional Thanksgiving meal that you sent for us as we serve here in Les Cayes, Haiti.  This was our first Thanksgiving in Haiti and we had the privilege of hosting over 100 people who are serving here in southern Haiti from around the world to celebrate American Thanksgiving.  Much of the food that we shared around the tables was from the boxes that you shared with us.  We appreciate every donated item and every minute that went into blessing all of our families.  Below are a couple of the pictures that we took during the meal and time of sharing.  We are so thankful for all that you do to make it easier for us to serve the Lord here. 



Tina Nunemaker

Thanksgiving treats!

Dear Agape Flights,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful Thanksgiving treats, and all the work and pray that went into the preparation and delivery.

We spent Thanksgiving with over 80 expats at a community dinner. What a treat to have pumpkin pie WITH WHIPPED CREAM!!

Our family will be saving our turkey for Christmas dinner, which we will share with some dear Haitian friends. …and of course, after that,

yummy turkey soup. 

It means so much to know that there are those standing by us in prayer and remembering that the holidays can be challenging when you are away from tradition and family. 

With thanks!

Jim and Margie Glynn, and Rebekah.


Margie Glynn


Thank you for Thanksgiving treats!

Dear Friends at Agape,


We are very grateful for the Thanksgiving goodies and money to buy a turkey. We had a potluck Thanksgiving at our new church, called El Puente (The Bridge) in La Vega. It is a ministry devoted to reaching and discipling university students, and on Sunday afternoons we are an international church. We had 41 in attendance last Sunday! We had turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole with marshmallow topping ( a very special treat to a young intern who couldn't "do" Thanksgiving without that particular dish), green bean casserole, corn casserole, steamed vegetables, salads, of course, rice, then on to the desserts: pumpkin pie, cake, coconut pie, apple-cranberry pie, cookies, cupcakes, etc. We also took time to praise and worship the Lord in Spanish and English, and give testimonies of our gratitude. 


  And tonight, another get-together, albeit smaller, for turkey soup!


Thank you again for getting the word out to your supporters, and for coordinating and paying for all the extra weight. A touch of home means a lot! Thank you for you generosity.


With love from Debbie and Mitch Martinez and the missionaries in La Vega and Santiago, Dominican Republic.

thanks for thanksgiving

To those who donated:

Thank you all so much for donated the turkey and trimmings again this year.  We shared our meal this year with some of our Haitian church people.  We couldn't have done it without your help. 

Thank you again, and may God bless you!

The David Fox Family

Fox 1 Fox 2 Fox 3

Thank you from the Brumbleys

Tom and I want to thank you so much for thinking of us during the Thanksgiving season.  The turkey, as well as all of the fixings, are enjoyed and appreciated so very much.  How nice to put a "taste of home" on our tables and share it with others.  


We had a team of 9, Carole, and ourselves at our table.  Then, I shared meals with 4 of our workers.  We ate leftovers yesterday and I was able to feed two of our pastors that spent the night last night.  So, many were blessed from that Thanksgiving meal.


May you be blessed abundantly for thinking of us during this time!  


Many sincere thanks,

Tom and Bev

Brumbley 1 Brumbley 2 Brumbley 3

Thank you!

Greetings from Saintard, Haiti! Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving meal. We added a ham that a team brought and some mashed potatoes, and were able to feed all our kids, the staff, some helpers, and the team, about 80 people in all. The kids were full, the team members were delighted to be able to celebrate American Thanksgiving in Haiti, and we marvelled at how we really didn't have a plan and God blessed us with a feast. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

With much gratitude,
Mark & Sandra Julian,
Tell Ministries
Phyllis Newby,
Mission de L'Eglise de Dieu Reformee

Newby 1 Newby 2 Newby 3

Thank you

Dear Friends at Agape,

We want to say a big thank you for the wonderful items you sent us for Thanksgiving.  It was a great time of fellowship and celebrating and eating:).  There were about 110 of us together here at Cite Lumiere from five countries. 

I had been sick for about nine days straight before Thanksgiving and was finally starting to feel better.  It was a blessing to be there.

Thanks to all of you for your part in blessing us.


Heather for the Sean Christensen family


Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving meal!!! We had a wonderful day with friends and lots of food! We appreciate your giving spirit and pray the Lord will bless you richly.

Stewart and Donna Schepers




Dear friends at Agape:

Thank you so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that you sent in to us.

Today, the day before our daughter's wedding, was hectic with wedding details and it was so nice to be able to sit down to a fabulous dinner that basically cooked itself while we were taking care of wedding details.

It was also nice having a delicious meal to serve to the many people who came and went from our busy home today.



Randall and Anita Chabot-Stahls

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Serving since 1979

Chabot-Stahls 1 Chabot-Stahls 2

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you so much agape, for a fantastic meal and great service! We at COTP are so very grateful for all you do!

Seth Johnson 1 Seth Johnson 2 Seth Jonson 3

THANKSgiving Pictures

Thank you so very much for the wonderful THANKSgiving meal.  It was truly delicious.  God Bless!!

Chris and Hal Nungester

Port Au Prince, Haiti

Nungester 2 Nungester 1

Thanksgiving thank you letter

Dear Agape family,

            From our family to yours, we thank you and consider you to have been a part of our family during the Thanksgiving holiday.   We thank you for having blessed us, giving so generously. We certainly enjoyed every bit of it.

            Our holiday was spent with six other families on a retreat for the staff in one of our ministries. We spent the day prior to Thanksgiving putting everything in order and enjoying some time visiting the area around the house we rented. On Thanksgiving day, all helped out in the cooking and we had a great feast. In all, 25 people enjoyed and ate from the turkey and fixings (supplemented by a chicken or two) that you all provided, including the groundskeeper and maids at the home. We had a terrific time of fellowship, great food, and truly a day when we met and gave thanks to God for His continual provision in every area of our lives and ministries.

            Again we want you to know we are very grateful for your giving, and desire that our Lord Jesus Christ will bless you with the same measure that you blessed us!



Nathan Jude and family

Score International

Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic

Jude 1 Jude 4 Jude 3 Jude 2

Thank you

My family wants to thank you for that great gift , and your love. 

We are blessed by your gift. Praise be to God who give you that opportunity to share your blessing to others.

Hope God will continue to bless the Agape Member Missionaries.


Mr and Mrs Paul Touloute


Thank you from the Stothers in San Pedro

Dear Agape Friends,

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you do for us during the whole year.  We know you work many hours on our behalf and serve us tirelessly.

Once again we say “Thank You" at this time of the year as well for your thoughtfulness and special box of Thanksgiving goodies you send us.  We took full advantage and put on the spread for some friends visiting us from Michigan for the holidays and even got to Bayahibe Beach for a little R&R for 2 days.

May our Lord bless you all abundantly and your families as we look forward to celebrating the Birth of our Savior during the Christmas Season!

In HIS grip,

Bill & Priscilla Stothers

Stothers 2 Stothers

A Big THANK YOU!!!!!

We just wanted to thank all involved in the gifting of the Thanksgiving meal.  We enjoyed sharing our tradition with our Dominican friends.  It truly was special .  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With much love and God's blessings on you all!

The Morel Family

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Thanksgiving Thank You from The English Chuch East – Santo Domingo


We just wanted to give you all a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving box and turkey!  Your actions have begun a tradition of Thanksgiving here in the Dominican Republic!  

It all started last year at Thanksgiving.  We were planing just to have a quite Thanksgiving for the five of us in our family at home but God had other plans!  Last year people started asking about Black Friday and we told them them that it was the day after Thanksgiving.  So they asked "What is Thanksgiving?".  We shared that it was a day set aside to give thanks to God and to celebrate His provision and that we usually eat turkey!  Well once people heard the word "turkey" our little gathering of five at our house turned into 52 people 2 turkeys and we had to move it to the church (The English Church East)!  It was a great opportunity to share the origins of Thanksgiving and how the pilgrims set aside that day as a day to give thanks to God and also to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Well this year everyone wanted to do it again!  And it grew to over 70 people and 4 turkeys!  We had an incredible Do-merican Thanksgiving pot luck!  We had turkey and stuffing right along side the rice and beans.  It was an incredible feast, but better than that, it was again an opportunity to share the story of The Cross and how God provided His Son the ultimate act of provision!

So our family wants to thank everyone involved in the Thanksgiving outreach from the bottom of our hearts!  Because of your work and generosity many people got to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and got to see a small token of Gods Love, and His provision for His Children!  


Thanks again!


Till the whole world hears...,

Ed Zogg

Christian International Foundation, Inc.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Zogg 1 zogg 2 Zogg 3 Zogg 4

Thanksgiving in the DR

Hello friends at Agape Flights!

Brad and I thank you all very very much for the gift sent to us for a Thanksgiving celebration.

I send this photo of my carving the turkey at our church gathering.

We are grateful for the faithful service of your weekly flights. What a blessing to so many folks here in the Caribbean!

Warm regards from the Dominican Republic, Brad and Dorothy Wood



Dear Agape Staff and Thanksgiving Donors,

Thank you for making this a very memorable Thanksgiving! 

This was the first time in my 21+ years here in Haïti that I've celebrated Thanksgiving (and my birthday!) in Haiti with my family.  And if that were not enough, we inaugurated two new homes on the Kenscoff Mountain outside of Ft. Jacques. Some before (housing since their homes fell in the earthquake nearly 6 years ago) and after photos are below.  A total of about 24 persons, 5 under 5, will be living in these two homes, each 437 sq ft.


I started life out as a physician, but the Lord has decided that I needed a new career as a structural engineer.  Fortunately, my engineer sister left a little of the family gift for me :)... The Lord is full of surprises!

Have a Blessed Advent as we await our coming King,


Thanksgiving dinner

Dear friends and prayer partners,

Thank you so much for the great thanksgiving dinner again.

Again this year I was able to teach our 2nd year cooking school students what a real thanksgiving dinner is with them help prepare all the fixings, prayer of thanksgiving by each student before we indulged in the great food thank you. Then we sent the turkey carcass to the primary school kitchen for them to have the turkey broth in their rice and beans. Again thank you so much. 

Love and prayers, 

Mary Jane & Andris Jolibois 

Jolibois1 Jolibois2

Thanksgiving Thanks

It's kind of late to be talking about Thanksgiving, but it's never too late to give thanks. So we want to thank Agape Flights and the donors that made the Thanksgiving project possible for us missionary members of Agape.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in the DR, so we had to get creative about how we would celebrate it. So we joined with our local church, the "Servants of God Christian Reformed Church, in the Los Angeles section of Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep., and supported the church's annual Christmas dinner. The dinner has the goal of inviting neighbors, friends, and family members of the church's membership, making it an "open-door", welcoming event....It was very successful, with about 150 present, about half being people who are not church members. There was a musical and dramatic presentation of the Gospel as well as a clear Gospel call extended. There were also fun games and of course, lots of food. 

So we thank you all again for helping make the event possible. 

Steve & Sandra Brauning

Brauning 1 Brauning 2 Brauning 3