Special Update from CEO Allen Speer

Dear Agape Flights family,

As many of you know from my prior emails, I was diagnosed with liver cancer late last year and have been undergoing evaluation for a possible liver transplant. Your prayers and words of encouragement have helped carry my family and me during this time.

While Jennifer and I were returning from tests at Tampa General Hospital earlier this week, I took a call from my liver doctor. He said the most recent scans show the tumors are inexplicably shrinking to the point that they could no longer even be classified as cancer. Because of that, I don’t require a liver transplant at this time.

We praise God for this amazing report. 

If you know me well, you know that “speechless” isn’t an adjective people typically use to describe me… but I am truly at a loss for words!

My doctor reminded me that I still have the same chronic condition that caused them to check for liver cancer in the first place. He told me it’s possible that scans three months from now could tell a different story. Also, as part of the transplant evaluation process, doctors found some partially blocked coronary arteries that may require stenting very soon.

I understand all the cautionary things my doctors are telling me, but for now I’m simply going to embrace this good news and thank God for it. I’m going to be grateful for today and, as Jesus said in Matthew 6, I’m going to let tomorrow worry about itself.

Thank you for praying for me and my family. Thank you for praying for the ministry of Agape Flights.

In Christ,

Allen T. Speer, CEO

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