Special Note to Tegucigalpa-area Missionaries

Although Agape will initially be flying into SPS, we look forward to expanding into Tegucigalpa as soon as we can all work together to make that happen.

Meanwhile, we would love to extend the offer of affiliation to you now, even as we begin to establish service to SPS. This way, you’ll be able to receive shipments at the SPS airport and work with your fellow missionaries on a reliable system to retrieve those shipments and bring them from SPS to your location or to a common location near Tegucigalpa. 

To start out, you will need to set up a driving schedule to go pick up cargo in SPS and coordinate details with the SPS co-op to discuss manifests, pickup times, and locations, and how to pay customs fees. The positive to this is that you will be one step ahead with a co-op in place for when we do begin flying into Tegucigalpa. Please refer to our recent email with details on how to begin setting up your co-op. A good person to discuss this set up with will be Rebecca Jacobs and Trena Johnson in the Dominican Republic. For years, these co-ops have worked together to drive back and forth from Santiago to make sure affiliates in Santo Domingo and elsewhere get their cargo and mail. Lee Nunemaker and Mark Stockeland also had a similar set up with their co-ops for a few years so please feel free to reach out to any or all the contacts listed below:

Trena Johnson (Santiago, Dominican Republic) – 829-881-7710 WhatsApp

Rebecca Jacobs (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) – 829-283-1269 WhatsApp

Andy Faller (Jacmel, Haiti) – 509-3250-6696 WhatsApp

Lee Nunemaker (Les Cayes, Haiti) – 509-4637-7012 WhatsApp

Mark Stockeland (Jeremie, Haiti) – 239-464-4616 WhatsApp

More Questions? Email MissionaryManager@AgapeFlights.com 

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