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Agape’s total cost to transport packages and mail to the missionaries is $4.50 per pound.  Under the cost-sharing partnership with our missionary affiliates, those affiliates agree to pay 1/2 of that amount, or $2.25 per pound. We rely on the generosity of our donors to cover the remaining $2.25 of the shipping charge.

When sending cargo to a missionary, please consider a donation to help defray these costs. Cargo costs are directly related to weekly flights: fuel, oil, landing fees, aircraft maintenance and insurance.

The first part of any “Send a Package” contribution you make goes toward the missionaries’ portion of the cargo cost. ($2.25 per pound) **Please note, Agape does not handle any customs fees/charges. If you want to help with those fees, please contact the missionary directly.

When making a donation to defray the cost of transportation of cargo, please choose one of the following options:

How To

Please be sure to:

Checks should be made out to “Agape Flights” and mailed to:

Agape Flights
Accounting Department
100 Airport Avenue E.
Venice, FL 34285

If you have any questions, please call us at 941-488-0990.

Address it Correctly

All Agape-affiliated missionaries and their families receive packages and mail at the Agape Flights address listed below.

Use the following format on the address label of anything you're sending to a missionary:

Missionary Name – Airport Code* – Account Number**
c/o Agape Flights
100 Airport Avenue E.
Venice, FL 34285

*Airport Codes are as follows:
CAP — Cap Haitien, Haiti
CAY — Les Cayes, Haiti
DMG — Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
GHB — Eleuthera, Bahamas

JER–Jeremie, Haiti
PAP — Port Au Prince, Haiti

STI — Santiago, Dominican Republic

** Please contact us at 941-488-0990 if you need missionary account information or have any questions.

Packing Tips

Here are a few pointers in preparing packages:

  • Try to keep individual packages to 40 pounds or less. This helps with loading the plane, accounting for costs of shipping and distribution at the end destination.
  • Please try to pack the packages as full as possible to try to avoid any crushing or destruction during shipment.
  • Please do not ship products in glass containers
  • Seal your boxes with tape, but do not wrap them with paper. Customs officials may remove the paper during inspection, which can result in the loss of address information.
  • Please be sure to include a return address and write a brief description of the contents on the outside of the box.
  • If you are sending something to the Dominican Republic that has a high dollar value, please include a letter (preferably on letterhead) in each box that states that the items in the boxes are for missionaries to use in their ministry for the benefit for the people of the Dominican Republic.
  • We can transport large or unusual shapes. Please call or email us if you think your package might need special consideration.

If you are a missionary looking to send a package back to the United States, please follow the information on outbound cargo to the U.S.

Your gift helps deliver hope for millions of people.

Through Christ, His people and aircraft, Agape Flights delivers love and hope, changing lives one flight at a time.

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