Prerequisites for Agape Missionary Affiliation

Agape Flights provides service to evangelical missionaries who meet the following guidelines:

  1. Actively participate in a ministry or activity which has an ultimate goal of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Live the majority of the year in one of the locations we serve, which are Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Eleuthera, Bahamas. (Short term accounts are available for individuals who go for 1-5 months to work under the supervision of a full time Agape missionary.)
  3. Agree with Agape’s Statement of Faith.
  4. Are able to read, write, and speak English proficiently and have regular access to email.
  5. Demonstrate a need for the logistical service we provide via connection with U.S. or other foreign based ministry partners.
  6. Are able to fulfill co-op responsibilities as necessary. (varies by location)

Due to FAA regulations that govern how we operate, we are not permitted to provide services to anyone who is not affiliated with Agape Flights.

If you are interested in becoming an Agape Flights affiliated missionary, and meet all of the prerequisites for affiliation, please contact Missionary Services by e-mail: or by phone: 941-488-0990.

Please Note:

Additional fees imposed by customs authorities for product import and handling occur at the airport. These charges are not subject to Agape Flights control and are the responsibility of each missionary affiliate. These fees can be exorbitant, are calculated by the local government, and are different in each location.

Your gift helps deliver hope for millions of people.

Through Christ, His people and aircraft, Agape Flights delivers love and hope, changing lives one flight at a time.

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