Past Response

Over the 40-year history of Agape Flights, there have been numerous natural disasters in the Caribbean. Floods, multiple hurricanes, and the Haiti earthquake in 2010. When disaster strikes, the Agape network of donors, churches and organizations, volunteers, missionaries, staff, and pilots form a community of immediate relief response to deliver love, care, healing and hope to the islands and people we serve every week.

What makes Agape’s disaster relief response different?

It’s the ready-made distribution network of trusted mission partners who already live in the disaster area, know the culture, and meet every flight filled with critical supplies. It’s Agape’s long and reputable history of working within the country. It’s our pilots who personally know and care about the airport workers and custom officials they see every week for regular mission flights. It’s a stateside community who understands Agape will collect and deliver the exact supplies our mission partners tell us are most critical, and adjust the supply deliveries as the disaster response needs change. It’s a generous community who contributes financially to keep the planes flying and others who donate thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies. It’s a volunteer force who will not stop, and most of all, our God who connects His people and supplies every need in the most miraculous way. 

Agape’s primary ministry focuses on week-to-week service to support affiliated mission partners. When disaster strikes the Caribbean, the core elements of Agape’s mission flight program go into high gear and expands to meet the critical need.  

It’s what we do. We Listen. We Respond. We Deliver.

Long after the world has forgotten the disaster, Agape flights will still be there every week, just as we have been for 40 years. 

Seeds of Hope

Delivering Hope to the People of Janou The drought killed their crops. For the people of Janou, Haiti, the usual spring downpours never came this year. The seeds they had so carefully tucked into the soil withered and died. Without rain, residents attempted to water the seeds themselves, trekking through mountainous terrain while balancing a

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Haiti Earthquake

January 12, 2010 – Port au Prince, Haiti was rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Just 36 hours after the quake, food, water, and medical supplies were on the way from Agape’s hangar in Venice, Florida to the people in Haiti. In the first 90 days following the earthquake, the extreme generosity of donors, volunteers,

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Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief

On September 1, 2019 Hurricane Dorian hit the Abaco Islands as a category 5 hurricane and a day later slammed into Grand Bahamas with winds reaching 185 miles an hour. The devastation is unparalleled in Bahamian history as the storm hovered over the islands for 39 hours, wreaking destruction on everything in its path. With

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Hurricane Matthew

Following the impact of the October 3, 2016 hurricane to the hardest hit areas of Jeremie and Les Cayes, Haiti, Agape’s first relief flight landed on Saturday, October 8, with 3,000 pounds of emergency relief supplies including, food, water purification tablets, tarps, generators and tools needed to begin the cleanup process. 12+ flights carrying relief

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Your gift helps deliver hope for millions of people.

Through Christ, His people and aircraft, Agape Flights delivers love and hope, changing lives one flight at a time.

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