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Mission partners need resources to impact the Caribbean for Christ. We listen. We respond. We deliver.

If you are an agape affiliated missionary with an account in good standing, we have a whole resource store ready for you to shop for free!!*


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New users to the store must create an account by clicking here or the button above.



Items themselves are free, but missionaries are responsible for their per pound cargo cost.



Similar to a “normal” store, except you will not pay anything at checkout. *Your per pound cargo fee will be added to your monthly statement.



Agape Flights will deliver your items. Final weight / cost will be determined and adjusted as your order is pulled for the flight.


Share the Love

We are excited to bring you this resource and pray that it blesses your ministry. We would love stories, photos, and feedback on how these resources are helping to impact the Caribbean for Christ.

Have questions or requests for the store?
Contact Missionary Services at 941.488.0990 or

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