Missionary letters are rich source of encouragement

Each month I am privileged to communicate with you through means of a support or receipt letter. Often I have found that this letter is written for me through our missionary affiliates. I recently received this letter from Johannes and Luise Schürer, Agape missionary affiliates in Les Cayes, Haiti.

SchurerDear Friends at Agape Flights,

With grateful hearts we are writing to you, not only for the wonderful turkey dinner at Thanksgiving but for all the faithful service that you provide for us, the missionaries on the field.  When we have a need and contact you we feel that you provide the service with a willing and joyful heart.

This January we completed our 39th year of service and as you can imagine we have seen many changes in this country that has become home for us. In spite of all the need and tragedies natural and political, God has done a great work and raised a strong church throughout the land.  We are most grateful that we were privileged to have had a small part in it.

Be encouraged in the Lord to continue your valuable ministry, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord,” a verse that our Haitian brothers and sisters quote very often.

In Christ, Johannes and Luise

I am greatly encouraged through this letter. Because of partners like you we are able to provide faithful service, joyfully and willingly. And in the words of these precious missionaries, we have been called to provide a valuable ministry: To serve Christ by serving His missionaries.

Thanks to Johannes and Luise for these words of encouragement. And thanks to you, for partnering with us and investing in Kingdom ministry touching the lives of Agape’s 350+ missionaries, their families and their unique missions.

I appreciate you, and on behalf of the Agape staff, the Agape Board of Directors, our Agape volunteers, our missionary affiliates, I say, “thank you, thank you, thank you, you are a blessing!”

May God richly bless you is my prayer,

Allen T. Speer
CEO, Agape Flights, Inc.



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