Mission Interrupted: Aircraft Update

July 31, 2019 Update

PRAISE GOD the Chieftain is repaired and back in the Agape hangar in Venice, Florida! Thank you so much to everyone who has poured out prayers and blessings to help make this happen!

May 8, 2019 Update

Are you ready for some good news?

  1. The big bird is back in the barn – aka our Embraer 110 is back from seven weeks of planned maintenance in Lakeland, Florida and ready to head to the mission field tomorrow. Praise God!
  2. Not only did you meet the “May Day” challenge….you EXCEEDED IT!* THANK YOU!!

We are blown away by the love, generosity, and support of our Agape family.  On May 1st, we announced a “May Day” Chieftain Engine Repair Matching Gift Challenge – where during the month of May, your special “Engine Repair” gift would count toward our $10,000 fundraising goal to be matched by the $10,000 gift incentive from Boca Grande Lighthouse United Methodist Church.  In less than ONE WEEK you raised over $70,000 with the BGLUMC match.  WOW!  God is so good and faithful!

Aviation is expensive, there’s no doubt about it.  But we know that for Agape airplanes to be a life-line carrying the love, care, and hope of Christ to millions they need to be well maintained, fueled, and funded.  Thank you for being the wind beneath our wings and helping us to get the planes back in the air where they belong- soaring and saving!

As posted in our latest aircraft update, repairs are still being made on the Chieftain engine and parts are on order.  Once the engine is rebuilt, two Agape mechanics will fly to Port au Prince to hang the engine and fly back to Venice.  We do not expect the Chieftain to be back in operation until the end of May.  Please continue to pray with us through this process and the customs process.

*If contributions for the Chieftain engine repairs exceed the costs, funds will be directed to Aircraft Funding.