Mission Flight Program

Agape’s Mission Flight Program supports more than 60 regular mission flights per year.

Mission flights are the core of our work and vital to changing and saving lives. The Agape Flights’ hangar serves as the home address and stateside connection for more than 300 missionary partners serving in the Bahamas, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Weekly flights deliver mail and urgently needed supplies to families serving in the above mentioned countries. Agape’s affiliated missionary partners meet every flight and serve as the distribution network to ensure that provisions reach their intended destination.


Mission Flight Partners are needed to help underwrite expenses associated with one or more mission flights annually. Flight sponsorship opportunities begin at $7,000. Mission Flight Partners may choose to underwrite a flight in recognition of a special person or occasion. Partners are also encouraged to meet and pray with the pilots of their sponsored flight. Upon completion of the mission flight, Partners are provided with photos from the flight.

Investments made by our Mission Flight Partners make a significant impact in Kingdom ministry. Together, we serve and fly for Jesus!

With the generosity of Mission Flight Partners, the long standing Mission Flight Program of more than 43 years continues to expand…

The core mission project was initiated in 1980 when Agape Flights began making weekly mission flights to Haiti. Mission flights originally began with service to Cap Haitien, Haiti. One year later, this one airport location expanded into two with service to Port au Prince, Haiti. Then, in 2001, two more service locations for missionaries were added in the Dominican Republic. In 2006, Les Cayes, Haiti was added, and in 2015, Agape began service to missionaries in Jeremie, Haiti. On August 25, 2023, Agape Flights made the first of its new monthly deliveries to Jacmel, Haiti.  On February 22, 2016, Agape Flights gained the approval to deliver humanitarian aid to Havana. The inaugural mission flight on August 22, 2016 delivered 26 water purification units and enough food packets to provide over 10,000 meals to those in need of nourishment. 

Agape’s annual Mission Flight Program expense is more than $750,000.

The Mission Flight Program supports more than 60 regular mission flights per year.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Agape Sponsorship covers Agape’s portion of the $12,000 cost for one roundtrip mission flight in our Embraer 110 aircraft.
$12,000 Missionary Surprise! – A fully sponsored flight covers the missionaries’ cargo costs in addition to Agape’s flight expenses. (Missionaries with cargo on the date of a fully sponsored flight will receive the surprise gift of a credit to their cargo account for their $1.75 per pound cost)

Examples of Mission Flight Program expenses:


      • $5,000 for fuel and landing fees related to one round-trip mission flight to Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.
      • $57,033 per year for aircraft insurance.
      • $34,900 per year for required for progressive maintenance, parts and consumables related to aircraft inspections and other mandatory items.

    For more information about becoming an Agape Mission Flight Partner, please contact, Tim Kenny, Director of Donor Relations & Development at 941.488.0990 or DevelopmentDirector@AgapeFlights.com.

    Whether you choose to make your Mission Flight Partner gift online or by mail, please note “Mission Flight Partner” and include your contact information. Thank you!

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