Hurricane Matthew


Based on feedback from the missionaries, the most needed relief supplies now are:

  • Water purification tablets
  • Tents
  • Tarps

If you have any questions please feel free to call the Agape office: 941.488.0990


10/14/16 | 7am

The Agape plane is headed back to the mission field to deliver critical supplies.  Please pray for safety and that these supplies be a huge blessing and help to fill a huge need!  

10/13/16 | 10am

The Agape pilots and plane made it back to Venice last night...Praise God!  Now to load up and head out again tomorrow!


10/12/16 | 10am

Our pilots are making one more shuttle flight today before heading back to Venice to reload for our next mission flight this week. Please pray for our pilots, the plane, staff, mechanics, volunteers, loading crew, missionary partners, and those who receive the much needed supplies. Thank you...prayer matters and we need you prayer warriors!

(Pictured are relief flights from yesterday)

img_5854 img_5850 img_5848 img_5847-2

10/11/16 | 9am

Unloading disaster relief supplies in Jeremie, Haiti yesterday...


jeremie-landing-redued-size photo-2-reduced unloading-jeremie-2


10/10/16 | 10:30am

 The Agape pilots are still busy at work in Haiti. Today they will work with Missionary Aviation Fellowship and Missionary Flights International to shuttle another 9,000lbs. to areas in high need. Please continue to pray with us for safety and God's direction.

10/8/16 | 10am

Missionary Flights International picked up supplies at the Agape hangar to fly in to Haiti.  From there Agape's plane will shuttle supplies around Haiti as needed.  In the body of Christ...we are better together! 

 mfi-at-agape mfi

10/8/16 | 7am

Disaster relief flight takeoff this morning from Venice Municipal Airport.  Please pray with us for a safe flight and for all of the people who need these supplies so desperately.  To check the flight schedule & track the flight click here>>


10/6/16 | 7pm

Haiti has been devastated by Hurricane Matthew. They are in desperate need of help. We have been gearing up the past few days, collecting supplies that they need (food, tarps, water purification tablets, etc) and we plan to fly out on Saturday as soon as the storm passes our part of Florida to deliver those relief supplies, specifically in Jeremie and Cayes, and then other locations as the needs are determined. We also plan to spend several days in Haiti shuttling supplies from Port-au-Prince to those affected regions. Continue to check our website for updates.

10/5/16 | 3:00pm

To respond to our missionaries & the needs of the people of the Caribbean, we need your help to fly in disaster relief supplies...

Hurricane Matthew has affected all of our service locations throughout the Caribbean.  We have received reports that 2 of the locations we serve in the southwest part of Haiti have experienced extreme devastation--Les Cayes & Jeremie.  Will you be a part of our Agape disaster relief efforts by providing the resources we need to fly in relief supplies?


  • PRAY with us for the missionaries & the people of the Caribbean
  • DONATE financially to fund disaster relief flights (relief flights will respond to the hardest hit areas first)
    • Click here to donate online (choose "Relief Fund")
    • Mail a check, (please specify Relief Fund) to Agape Flights, 100 Airport Ave E, Venice FL, 34285
    • Phone 941-488-0990 or 941-584-8078
  • DONATE disaster relief supplies 
    • For the first phase of relief we are looking for:
      • Heavy-duty tarps (larger than 10x10)
      • Protein/granola bars
      • Water purification tablets
  • SHARE the need with others


Missionary updates

Assuring the supplies reach where they are needed most, Agape's distribution network on the ground is the missionaries themselves...

"If you've read our latest updates, you know the devastation in the town of Jeremie is extensive. Any home/business/building not made of concrete has been destroyed or washed away. Even concrete structures have lost their roofs...This news is just the tip of the iceberg. A large portion of Haiti's population does not live in the cities. They live in the rural countryside, with their livelihoods and daily food rations coming from their personal gardens and tree crops, which most definitely have been destroyed."
--Lacy Stockeland | Haiti Bible Mission | Jeremie, Haiti

"It isn't an exaggeration to say that near 100% crop loss is throughout Southern Haiti...Many homes, churches, and schools in our local and partnership church communities have lost roofs, and or the structures themselves...Many animals have been lost...Access to clean water has been dramatically reduced..." --Reciprocal Ministries International | Les Cayes, Haiti  


"We were relieved to hear from 2 of our Haitian staff this morning! They shared there is tremendous amount of devastation in southern Haiti. Trees are down, many roofs are off homes in the community, roads are impassable and communication is very limited. The hurricane's strong wind and rain lasted over 12 hours..."
--Loving Shepherd Ministries | Les Cayes, Haiti  

10/4/16 | 12pm

We have been in contact with the missionaries and have started to formulate a Disaster Relief Plan for Hurricane Matthew.  So far, the southern part of Haiti has been hit hard, and the storm is continuing to travel and downpour. 

Our plan at this point is to fly as soon as possible with a plane load of disaster relief supplies to the Bahamas and Haiti (Friday if it is possible for us safety & logistics-wise). 

The first disaster relief flight will focus on shelter, food, and water.

NEEDED: heavy-duty tarps larger than 10x10 for shelter, protein/granola bars, water purification tablets

Midwest Food Bank has generously donated 12 pallets of Tender Mercies food packs, which will provide over 60,000 meals.  We are also partnering with Remote Area Medical who will be sending in several medical staff to assist in relief.


  1. PRAY with us!
  2. DONATE financially to assist us with these Disaster Relief Flights
  3. DONATE needed supplies

10/3/2016 | 12:00pm

Please join us in praying for safety and God's protection for all as Hurricane Matthew approaches...

(CNN)-A hurricane packing 140-mph winds is threatening to bring destruction to Haiti and other Caribbean islands as it moves through the Caribbean Sea.  Hurricane Matthew -- a storm that, as of 11 a.m. Monday, was 205 miles southeast of Kingston, Jamaica, and 275 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti -- could dump more than a foot of rain on both islands. 

The latest advisory says southern Haiti and southwestern Dominican Republic can expect 15 to 25 inches with possible isolated downpours of up to 40 inches. Eastern Cuba, northwestern Haiti and the southeastern Bahamas could see up to a foot of rain, while Jamaica could see 5 to 10 inches.

    "On the forecast track, the center of Matthew will approach southwestern Haiti tonight, move near eastern Cuba late Tuesday, and move near or over portions of the southeastern and central Bahamas Tuesday night and Wednesday," the latest National Hurricane Center advisory says...(read full article here)

NHC Hurricane Matthew link

[Image of probabilities of 34-kt winds]


From Agape Flights--

Due to the projected path of Hurricane Matthew, it does not appear that we will be able to adjust the flight days to get around the storm.  As a result, we have decided to cancel this week’s normal Thursday/Friday flight.

We realize though that a storm of this magnitude will cause serious damage. Significant relief efforts will be needed. So we have started formulating a plan of what we can do to respond to the needs.  Check back on the Agape Flights' website for updates.

10/3/2016 | 7:30pm

Hurricane Matthew Ministry Action Response

In an effort to respond to Hurricane Matthew we ask you to pray for Agape Flights Missionary Affiliates, Mission Partners and the population of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Cuba.


Secondly, please assist us with financial contributions to help fund the transportation expense of multiple relief flights to deliver much-needed supplies.  We are watching the movement of Hurricane Matthew and planning to transport these supplies sometime later this week. (Tentative plans are for the first flight on Friday or Saturday, October 7/8.) 

Ways to give financially:  

Online at (choose Relief Fund)

Mail a check, (please specify Relief Fund) to Agape Flights, 100 Airport Ave E, Venice FL, 34285

Phone 941-488-0990 or 941-584-8078


You may also help by donating new supplies or the gift of your time as a volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering, call us: 941-488-0990

We will be happy to assist you in discovering the most effective and efficient ways available to assist in this time of crisis. Call 941-488-0990 or email  for more information and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Special Relief Sponsor Opportunities

Relief Flight Sponsor: Sponsor one round-trip relief flight for $5,000