Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief

On September 1, 2019 Hurricane Dorian hit the Abaco Islands as a category 5 hurricane and a day later slammed into Grand Bahamas with winds reaching 185 miles an hour. The devastation is unparalleled in Bahamian history as the storm hovered over the islands for 39 hours, wreaking destruction on everything in its path.

With a ready-made network on the ground in the Bahamas, aircraft to expedite aid, and an extremely generous community, Agape Flights was able to quickly switch to “disaster relief mode” and begin delivering aid to the Bahamas. “The response has been absolutely incredible,” states Agape CEO Allen Speer. During the first phase of relief efforts, the focus is on immediate needs for survival.

In the one hundred and twenty days after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, Agape Flights:

• Made 49 relief flights delivering 268,378 lbs of donated food and emergency supplies to mission partners on the ground in Treasure Cay, Marsh Harbor, Nassau, Freeport, Eleuthera, and Governor’s Harbor for distribution through churches, communities, and evacuation centers.

• Coordinated logistics and distribution with trusted partners, including: Convoy of Hope, Bahamian pastors, Agape missionary affiliates, Bishop Neil Ellis and Bahamian government officials, Mission of Hope, Feeding the Bahamas, God’s Pit Crew, Midwest Food Bank, Missionary Flights International, Conquest Air Cargo, PGT Innovations, Gingerich Trucking, LLC TDI Express, Inc., and Bishop Aircraft Leasing, LLC.

239,778 lbs delivered by air + 28,600 lbs delivered by sea =
268,378 total pounds of relief supplies delivered

• Relief efforts were supported by 128 volunteers, NUMEROUS ministry partners and community organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals. 1,453 donors generously provided $487,598.53 toward Agape’s relief efforts. THANK YOU!

In December 2019, Agape delivered a little Christmas “cheer” to the Bahamas after a hard year. A Christmas Relief Flight underwritten by St. Armands Key Lutheran Church Foundation, carried 3,000 lbs of gifts and dinners into Freeport and Marsh Harbour on December 12. Just two days later, a team from Agape Flights had the privilege of being part of the distribution in Freeport.

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