Haiti Supply Flights Resume

Director of Flights Operations Greg Haman, second from right, briefs today's loading crew.

UPDATE April 1, 2024: We are attempting to receive approval for three flights this week. We are communicating these plans to our mission partners. 

UPDATE March 25, 2024: We have again received approval for mission flights to Haiti this week. Mission partners have been notified of our schedule and the locations we are able to serve. 

March 20, 2024: Agape Flights has received approval for two flights into Haiti this week. We will be delivering approximately 5,500 pounds of critical supplies to mission partners throughout the country. We will also help several mission partners in urgent situations to leave Haiti.

Because of the ongoing insecurity throughout Haiti, we will not be publishing flight plans or destination information until after the missions have been completed.

Please pray for our pilots, our aircraft, and the missionary staff who will be meeting us at several locations in Haiti. 

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