Haiti Earthquake 2021

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At 8:30am on Saturday, August 14, 2021 a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti.  Southwest Haiti suffered the most damage with loss of life, structures, and power being reported, along with many injuries.  As one Jeremie missionary put it, “It’s chaos.”  Just after the earthquake, tropical storm grace hit the island. 

Agape Flights ensures that help is on the way.


We are listening to the needs of our missionary affiliates so they can best serve their communities in this time of crisis (Les Cayes and Jeremie, Haiti). When you support Agape Flights, you can be assured the supplies directly reach the Haitian people in desperate need.  Agape’s planes are personally met at the airports by missionaries who distribute the emergency supplies and food to medical clinics, hospitals, children’s homes, and feeding programs. 

We are responding through logistical efforts and continuous relief flights from our hangar in Florida, as well as utilizing Agape’s Chieftain aircraft in Haiti to shuttle patients and supplies. The comradery among Christian aviation ministries is strong!  Even in the midst of two tropical storms, Agape was able to deliver 3,000 pounds of medical supplies, tarps, solar lights, food, and water merely 36 hours following the earthquake. We appreciate all of your help, contributions, and support.  Contributions to our “Relief Fund” allow us to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively.  

Your financial gifts to the relief fund will be used to:

  • Fuel the aircraft
  • Cover the cost of shipping relief supplies to the missionaries in Les Cayes and Jeremie, Haiti
  • Purchase supplies in Haiti and the U.S. as needed (Agape was already able to purchase 100,000 lbs of rice in Haiti – Praise God & thank you!)

We are delivering hope.  Imagine what it would mean to you if your home was destroyed, you were having to sleep outside in fear of aftershocks, while knowing a tropical storm was headed your way and someone brought you tarps, food, water, solar lights, medical equipment, and a generator for your local hospital just in time.  It would mean everything.  It would be hope.  Your support of Agape Flights helps deliver hope. 


“Thank you for the tarps! The orphanage took in other people and families and have over 50 people on site. The tarps helped build up this tent in anticipation of the storm. We also donated all the food we got, which was greatly needed ”

– Ashley Wojton, Agape Missionary Affiliate, Les Cayes, Haiti



SEND A CHECK to 100 Airport Ave. E., Venice, FL 34285 (note “relief” in the memo)

TEXT “HOPE” to 941.205.7058

Please note, if sending relief supplies to a specific missionary, please note their name/account number along with the word “RELIEF” on the boxes. We also ask that you consider making a financial contribution to Agape’s relief fund to help cover the cost of transportation of relief supplies (Agape’s cost = $4/lb). We can NOT send to anyone who is not affiliated with Agape Flights. Our missionaries needs are our first priority.

If you have any specific questions or need assistance in giving, please call 941.488.0990 or email info@agapeflights.com.


As of Friday, August 27, 2021, we are no longer collecting “phase 1” relief supply donations.  A “phase 2” supply list will be posted at a later date.

August 21, 2021: Haiti Earthquake Week 1 Relief Update

Wow….it’s been a busy week and thanks to your support, amazing partnerships in the missionary and aviation communities, and God’s hand in it all we have been able to respond to the Haiti earthquake with an outpouring of love.

We ask God to bless each hand and heart that has been a part of the relief efforts this week – and there are many! 

Hands and hearts worked together in Agape love to:

  • Purchase and distribute 100,000 lbs of rice in southern Haiti 
  • Evacuate patients from Les Cayes, Haiti to Port au Prince, Haiti to receive emergency medical care  (our pilots are true superheroes!) 
  • Fly 20,000+ lbs of relief supplies from Venice, Florida and various other collection points throughout northern Haiti and the Dominican Republic to the hardest hit areas in southwest Haiti (Les Cayes and Jeremie).  Supplies included critical medical supplies, food, water, solar lights, tarps, tents, batteries, generators/invertors for hospitals, and more.  
  • Provide countless hours of logistical support in everything from aircraft operations, government
  •  approvals, distribution/collection of supplies, translations, and more…
  • Spread the word and generate support – aviation is expensive, but especially in times of disaster relief, it’s priceless.  Agape’s aircraft and trusted distribution network on the ground ensures critical relief supplies are expedited and in the hands of the people who desperately need them.

THANK YOU!  Our CEO, Allen Speer, has been on the ground in Jeremie and Les Cayes since Thursday working with mission partners.  Allen and our mission partners send their “thanks” from Haiti.  

Together, we pray and press on – relying on God’s plans and not always our own.

What pressing on looks like this next week:

This next week (Aug 22-27) we have flights planned every day.  The plan is to station the Chieftain in Haiti/Dominican Republic for the week shuttling supplies and people as needed.  On the ground, we are working with our missionary affiliates all over Haiti and in the Dominican Republic as well as other mission aviation groups (Missionary Flights International and MAF) to purchase/shuttle supplies throughout the island as we can.  The plan for the Embraer is to fly relief flights Sunday through Wednesday, then load regularly scheduled cargo on Thursday, for a “regular” flight to Haiti on Friday – making sure we keep up with missionary needs and cargo demands.

We ask that you continue to pray with us and partner with us to bring hope, help, and healing to Haiti earthquake victims.  Right now, financial contributions to the “relief fund” are most helpful.  Thank you!

What makes Agape’s disaster relief response different?

It’s the ready-made distribution network of trusted mission partners who already live in the disaster area, know the culture, and meet every flight filled with critical supplies. It’s Agape’s long and reputable history of working within the country. It’s our pilots who personally know and care about the airport workers and custom officials they see every week for regular mission flights. It’s a stateside community who understands Agape will collect and deliver the exact supplies our mission partners tell us are most critical, and adjust the supply deliveries as the disaster response needs change. It’s a generous community who contributes financially to keep the planes flying and others who donate thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies. It’s a volunteer force who will not stop, and most of all, our God who connects His people and supplies every need in the most miraculous way. 

Agape’s primary ministry focuses on week-to-week service to support affiliated mission partners. When disaster strikes the Caribbean, the core elements of Agape’s mission flight program go into high gear and expands to meet the critical need.  

It’s what we do. We Listen. We Respond. We Deliver.

Long after the world has forgotten the disaster, Agape flights will still be there every week, just as we have been for 40 years. 

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