Growing Pains: Sharing the Gospel in a Limited Space

“There’s always room for one more.” Jameson and Shelby Toyo laughed as they said it. They know firsthand that when you think you are at your limit, the Lord makes a way for further expansion.

The Toyos operate a school program within their ministry, Grandi Nan Nou Ministries, at their home in Léogâne, Haiti. This beautiful coastal city is located about 20 miles west of Port-au-Prince. The phrase “grandi nan nou” is Creole for “grow through us.” When Jameson and Shelby first started, they capped the classroom capacity at 40 children to comfortably accommodate both the school and their living situation. As more refugees flee Port-au-Prince, their ministry has flourished, giving them the opportunity to meet more needs than they had first dreamed. Now, Grandi Nan Nou Ministries teaches 75 children in the school, almost double the original capacity.

The Library Ministry works to educate Haitian children, since only 60% of the population is literate, and most kids drop out of school by sixth grade. Shelby and Jameson feed hot meals to them and equip them with Biblical and educational knowledge. In this way, they care for each student’s body, mind and soul, hoping that kids will begin to love learning and seek a relationship with Jesus.

Jameson and Shelby meet the needs of Haitians though the Library Ministry and Trade Center Ministry, which equips adults with the vocational skills they need to be able to work and live independently. Their work in Haiti continues because they care deeply about other people, since Scripture says we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).

Because Port-au-Prince continues to be frought with danger, desperate souls leave their homes and many of them flood the Toyos gates. With so many refugees, the Lord has blessed Grandi Nan Nou Ministries with an increasing number of opportunities to share the gospel.

Those who knock on the Toyos doors are quickly invited in. “There’s always room for one more.”

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