God rewards faithfulness

Imagine a world where missionaries never lack the resources to share the unconditional love of Christ. This is Agape Flights’ vision statement.

I am challenged by that vision statement and often exhausted by it. Overwhelming odds can make cowards of us all. Because there is so much to be done, we can easily lose heart and do nothing. Because there are so many to reach, it is easy to forget that God wants to use us to touch those within the sphere of our responsibility.

I recall the first time I felt overwhelmed regarding ministry within the Agape arena. My life as the senior pastor of a local church in a small rural town was quiet, predictable and manageable. And then came the call to Agape Flights, and all of that changed.

June 2014-1In fact, it was as the plane descended over Port-au-Prince in my first week as CEO that I got this overwhelming feeling. I looked out the little window and watched as mile after mile of houses, tents, and broken-down buildings passed beneath me. I tried to imagine ministering to this mass of never-ending humanity. I thought, how can we possibly get our arms around this enormous task? What can we do to reach the multiple millions throughout the nations of the Caribbean?

Suddenly, God gently reminded me, as He does to this day: I will never reach them all — That is humanly impossible. But I am responsible to work with those we partner with, and with God’s help, I will make a difference in their lives. What a privilege it is to join with our 375 missionary affiliates that God has blessed us with who in turn minister and go to the masses of people.

Recently I read what a typical day in the life of missionary affiliate Dave Stockeland was like. Here are his words:

MOUNTAIN SEMINAR: Last week I went high in the mountains to give a seminar. I left the house at 6:30 a.m. and drove four and a half hours up a mountain road where, at times, I reached speeds of 3 and 4 mph!  Most of the trip the people walking were passing me. The seminar was blessed of the Lord and then I drove four and a half hours back and arrived at my house at 6:30. Nine hours of driving over very rough roads … I felt a little beat up but very blessed of God.

WONDERFUL SUNDAY:  Last Sunday I started out by going up a mountain to preach at a church where I had never been. The pastor is one of my students. After that service I went 45 minutes further up the mountain to another service. I had preached there before so I listened to the pastor preach (he is a student as well). He is a very humble man and delivers the Word of God with grace and humility. After the service I was invited to the pastor’s house for tea. That meant the pastor’s wife had to make the fire in the outdoor kitchen and while the fire was getting going she had to go in the woods and find the leaves to make the tea. They sent one of their kids to get some milk from a neighbor. The tea was made with the leaves and then milk and a cinnamon stick were added. It was delicious … and it only took two hours! From there I started back down the mountain and stopped by to visit another pastor and his wife. From there I came back to town and visited the men and women in the local prison. After that I went to visit two other pastors that live in town. It was getting dark when I got back to my house. What a wonderful Sunday!

MORE GLORY:  My friend in Indiana, who headed up the project to get me my motorcycle, also made a customized GLORY sign on the front of it. My friends along the road as well as my police friends often shout Glory when I drive by. Now there are folks I don’t even know who are saying Glory when I drive by.  Don’t think I am not enjoying that!!

God bless you all,
Pastor Dave

And so my dear friend, my encouragement to you and even to myself is this: Don’t panic, count on the Lord to honor and multiply even your smallest efforts. Last time I checked, He was still rewarding faithfulness.

Thank you for your faithfulness through your partnership prayerfully and financially. You are a blessing to us and the 375 missionary affiliates we are privileged to serve. In the words of Pastor Dave, GLORY!

I appreciate you,

Allen T. Speer
CEO, Agape Flights

June 2014-2

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