3 Ways to Pray for Haiti

The following letter was sent to Agape Flights supporters from CEO Allen Speer

May 19, 2023

Dear Agape Flights Family,

This is a critical time for the nation of Haiti. Gangs control more than half the capital of Port-au-Prince, extracting bribes for everything. Inflation hovers around 50%. When fuel is available on the black market, it often tops $10 a gallon. It’s been so long since citizens last voted that there are now no elected government officials in place.

Hopelessness and desperation are giving way to anarchy. At least 21 Haitian police officers were killed in the first three months of this year. Just a few weeks ago, a group of citizens captured and killed suspected gang members in a residential area of Port-au-Prince. These were otherwise just regular people, pushed to a breaking point.

We fly to Haiti at least once every week, delivering mail and critical supplies to missionaries and their families. And even though many missionaries have been forced to leave Haiti, we’re currently delivering as much cargo as we ever have. That tells me that the missionaries who remain in Haiti need Agape Flights more than ever.

Here are three ways I’m asking you to pray for Haiti today:

  1. Pray that godly leaders will emerge to lead Haiti’s citizens forward in peace
  2. Pray for a movement of God that will turn hearts toward Him in unity.
  3. Pray for the missionaries who remain, that they would be safe and would have the resources they need to serve the people of Haiti.

We know that God has not given up on Haiti. People are coming to faith every week and the name of Jesus is proclaimed daily. John 3:16 reminds us that God so loved the whole world (including Haiti)that He sent His Son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life. 

Thank you for joining me in praying for Haiti today. And thank you for your continued support of Agape Flights. Your gifts and prayers encourage us and make our work possible.

In Christ,

Allen T. Speer, CEO

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