Chieftain/Haiti Riot

From Tragedy to Testimony: How God used the destruction of our Chieftain to His glory

Join us in celebrating and praising God for Agape’s newest aircraft, a U.S. registered 1985 Reims F406 Cessna Caravan II.  This aircraft is a true answer to our prayers.  

Our hearts sank on March 29, 2022 as we saw images of our Chieftain aircraft being destroyed during a riot in Les Cayes, Haiti.  But we pressed on and prayed through, believing that “What was meant for evil, God will turn for good and His Glory!”  And He certainly has! Here are just some of the ways God has shown His goodness since the airplane was destroyed:

  • Prayers and gifts to fully fund a replacement aircraft
  • The purchase of the exact aircraft we prayed for
  • Haitian officials coming to know Christ
  • Being able to share the love of Jesus face to face with the people that destroyed the Chieftain
  • Ten years of exemption from flight related and landing fees in Haiti, an estimated savings of over $105,000! (Read more).
  • Being able to salvage both engines and a prop on the Chieftain so that they can be gifted to International Tribal Ministries, a flight ministry in Bolivia.

Now we press on with our mission of loveThe F406 is now in service, having made its first deliveries to missionaries during the fourth quarter of 2022. This new plane is faster, can carry more cargo, and will be more efficient to operate in the years to come. PRAISE GOD!

The only God could write it....

On February 20, 2024, nearly two years since the airplane was destroyed, representatives from International Tribal Ministries made a special delivery to the Agape Flights hangar. As an expression of gratitude for the salvaged engines and propellers we donated to their aviation outreach, they brought us one of the unusable propeller blades. 

Why was it unusual? Perhaps you can see just below CEO Allen Speer’s left elbow there is a small dark dot on the bigger of the two white stripes on the blade. That dot is a bullet hole, also incurred during the events of March 29, 2022. It is a reminder of God’s grace that kept everyone safe that day.

Your gift helps deliver hope for millions of people.

Through Christ, His people and aircraft, Agape Flights delivers love and hope, changing lives one flight at a time.

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