Allen Speer


Allen and Jennifer Speer

Brief bio:

Ministry has been his life. Allen was blessed to be born a preacher’s kid, saved at an early age, and called to ministry as a teenager. For forty years he has faithfully served Christ in a variety of ministry roles, primarily as a Senior Pastor. For the last 30 years as a pastor he has been closely involved with mission endeavors around the globe. From Jamaica to Mexico, Cuba and Belarus, his life has been impacted by missionaries and national pastors. As Agape’s CEO, his passion for serving missionaries is clear and contagious. He is honored that God has called him to serve Christ by serving His missionaries.

He is a communicator of the Word of God and he loves sharing the vision and the mission of Agape Flights!

Family:  Married to Jennifer Mathewson Speer, with five children, one son-in-law, and two daughters in law.  Laura and Christopher, Robby and Meredith, Daniel and Jenna, and sons Micah and David; and two grandchildren.

Hobbies: Golf, fishing, enjoying my grandchildren!