Agape Volunteers Rock!

Agape Flights runs on a staff of 9, but we really have a staff of more than 109 when you take in to account all of the volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to this ministry.  On an average week 30-40 volunteers commit themselves to the mission of Agape Flights: To Serve Christ by Serving His Missionaries.  Volunteers do everything from piloting the plane to cleaning the hangar and offices.  We are SO THANKFUL for our volunteers and so are the missionaries we serve!  Read Agape Volunteer Appreciation Letters from missionaries–this really says it all right here!

On March 26, 2015 we were able to turn the Agape Hangar into a 1950’s style diner with a soda fountain, juke box, burgers, floats & a whole lotta love as a way to have fun with our volunteers and show our appreciation for them!  See photos below:

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