Agape Flights was truly blessed in 2013

This year has been full of God’s amazing grace in the face of numerous challenges!

As I read that sentence in an email from one of our missionary affiliates reflecting on the year 2013, I said to myself, “I couldn’t agree more.” Looking back I see God’s amazing grace and his blessing upon Agape Flights.

We began 2013 needing prayer and financial assistance for a major engine repair on our Embraer 110. God’s amazing provision was clearly seen!

In late January, the Board of Directors of Agape Flights elected four new members, doubling in size, going from four members to eight. This was followed by Values Driven Governance Training and a different approach to partnering with our missionary affiliates, values owners, CEO, staff and volunteers.

boy1 (1 of 1)Our vision statement was redefined. The vision of Agape Flights is “a world where missionaries never lack the resource to share the unconditional love of Christ.” The clarification of this vision enables us to have the ability to dream and begin to envision possible new areas of ministry throughout the nations of the Caribbean.

Through our partnership with Missions Safety International, Agape Flights underwent its first safety audit.   Agape is implementing MSI’s recommendations and will soon have a completed Aircraft Operations Manual and General Operations Manual.

In 2013, Agape received a generous endowment gift from the estate of Mrs. Edna Harmeyer. As Mrs. Harmeyer intended, this gift has been invested and only a small portion of the earnings will be utilized each year at the discretion of the Agape Flights Board of Directors.

Agape was blessed with the presence of Moody Bible Institute intern Taylor Nageli. The son of career New Tribes missionaries Buck and Joanne Nageli, Taylor was an inspiration and encouragement to all of us.

In November, the Thanksgiving Project was a great success and tremendous blessing to our missionary affiliates. In December, my trip to Port-au-Prince allowed me to witness our missionary partners in action, and the added flights in December helped move a tremendous amount of cargo to our faithful servants in the field.

THANK YOU. Because of you — your generosity, prayers and partnership throughout 2013 — the light of Christ shines brighter on the mission field. 

As we look forward to partnering with you in service and ministry over the months of 2014, our prayer for you is that you will enjoy all the blessings of the peace, love and true light of God’s grace.

Allen T. Speer
CEO, Agape Flights

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