About the Aircraft​

Embraer 110

Weights and Loadings

Max. Ramp Weight: 12,566Max
Takeoff Weight: 12,500
Empty Weight: 7,205
Useful Load: 5,294
Max Agape Cargo Load: 3,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 454 gallons
Wing Loading: 39.91 lbs per square foot
Power Loading: 8.33 lbs/HP


Stall Speed Vso: 72 kias
Vfe: 148 kias
Vle/lo: 146 kias
Vmo: 230 kias
Rate of Climb: 1,250 fpm
Takeoff Ground Roll: 2,500 feet
Max Ceiling: 25,000 feet
Cruise Performance: 200 knots

Range and Endurance

At 200 ground speed, fuel consumption of 500
pounds per hour, range is 5.5 hours or
1,100 nautical miles
Powerplant: Pratt and Whitney PT6A-34
Takeoff power @ 2,200 RPM: 750 shp
Max continuous power: 700 shp


Constant speed, fully feathering, reversible
Diameter: 93 inches
Prop tip clearance: 10.8 inches


Cabin Width: 63.0 inches
Cabin Height: 63.0 inches
Cabin Length: 374.0 inches
Rear Cargo Door Width: 71 inches
Height: 56 inches


Width: 50.26 feet
Length: 49.54 feet
Height: 16.54 feet
Minimum Turning Radius: 41.6 feet

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