2018 Missionary Thanksgiving Dinner Project THANK YOU!

Thank you for helping deliver JOY in a box to over 200 missionary families this Thanksgiving!

With a special “thanks” to....

  • A multitude of donors who fully funded this year’s $30,000+ Missionary Thanksgiving Program.
  • Our 2018 Thanksgiving flight sponsor, Regulator Marine, Inc.
  • The “fixins box” packing team from The Bridge Church, Venice, Florida.
  • Students from Sarasota Christian School and Venice Christian School for decorating the boxes.

"Thank you Agape for the thanksgiving box. Thank you for thinking of us.  It always makes this holiday extra special for us."

The Palmer family.

Dominican Republic


My favorite part is the beautifully decorated box!  This years was decorated on every possible side! (see photo)


I also really enjoy the whipped cream!  Many blessings to y’all!  Tony and I hope your Thanksgiving is extra blessed this year!

Serving Him with you,

Tony and Joan Vega

Greetings with much thanksgiving from the Suon family in the Dominican Republic for the box of love and food your volunteers sent. You have never seen excited children until you have seen the four Suon kids with a bag of mini marshmallows!  Agape flights is a blessing to us!

Sincerely, Jason, Becky, Finn, Paisley, Stacia, and Moses Suon

Freedom International Ministries

Ramón Santana, Dominican Republic

Dear Donors to Agape Thanksgiving Meals:

During this time of year, we stop and ponder all the blessing that the Lord has given us!  You are one of them, as you took the time to donate or help buy or whatever you did to provide the missionaries in Haiti a lovely Thanksgiving meal.  A special thanks also to all the kids who wrote Thanksgiving Cards and decorated boxes to help brighten the giftbox!  All is appreciated and may the Lord who has blessed us here in Haiti, also bless you this Thanksgiving Season.  Ultimately all good things come from the Lord.  You are part of His goodness.  Thanks for being spent for the Gospel.

Again...Thanks for the wonderful meal you provided us!

In Christ, Jan, Val, Derek and Joel Gutwein

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for our Thanksgiving box.  It will all be used up tomorrow with 13 folks at our apartment.

We are so thankful for your ministry to us over the many years and ask that the Lord would bless you and your

families in a special way as well.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Safe travels!

In HIS grip,

Bill & Priscilla Stothers

Good morning everyone,

Just wanted to show you another reason for us to be THANKFUL for the Thanksgiving meal provided by gracious donors through Agape Flights.

This morning I was at the so-called cheapest and best supermarket in Petion-ville, and just had to check their prices for turkeys

Same brand Jennie O,  a little over 20 lbs costs 4527.60 Gourdes (that is about US$ 63)

Many of us would not be able to afford that amount of money, and for those living outside of Port-au-Prince/Petion-Ville it would be even more difficult.


In HIS Service,

Els Vervloet


On behalf of the Berman family and Project Mañana, THANK YOU for giving us an amazing thanksgiving. We loved the care package and are so grateful.

Brian Berman

Founder & President

Project Mañana International

Dear Agape Flights,

We want to say thank you once again for the wonderful Thanksgiving meal we received courtesy of donors to Agape Flights, It is such a blessing to us. Turkeys in Haiti are between 65-80 US and there is no way we would be celebrating with turkey if it wasn't for Agape Flights.

We were able to join in a Thanksgiving meal with 2 other families that are part of Agape and a 3rd American missionary family that was able to join us. We are so sorry that we forgot to take a picture of all of us together at the meal-we meant to!

Thank you again,

Chris and Sheryl Brumley

Global Outreach

Titanyen Haiti


Dear Agape Staff,

Forwarding on this photo taken by a volunteer who joined us for our Thanksgiving dinner for 13 of our Haitian friends and co-workers.

We told them where this gift of turkey and trimmings came from and that it was sent with much love from you and Christian brothers and sisters in Florida.  Everyone said to please say "Merci Beaucoup!" (Kreyol-Mesi bokou!)

It was delicious and we all enjoyed every bite. There was no electricity during our meal so we ate by candle light. It made us think of the early Pilgrims.:)

We hope all of you had a wonderful time with family and friends as well.

Much love in Christ,

Nancy and Steve James



We want to thank you for all the goodies in our box you sent us.  We put everything to good use today hosting 13 folks from 4 different mission organizations.

We have so much to be thankful for!

In HIS grip,

Bill & Priscilla Stothers

Thank you for the Thanksgiving Day feast!

What a blessing all of you are in Florida. Thank you for working along side  Agape Flights to give all the missionaries in the field a taste of home.

The Thanksgiving feast was fabulous from the decorated box, to the precious card made by Lacy - age 4, to the can of whipped topping to the huge turkey! We are grateful for your thoughtfulness, attention to detail and your love for blessing others!

Continue to shine with the light and joy of our Lord and may you always know how much you are loved by Jesus.

In His love and peace,

Jeff & Cindi Farber

Heart of the Father Ministries - Haiti

Thank you so very much for your generosity. We had enough to be able to share with some of our staff too.  God Bless!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM ALL OF US HERE IN THE DR!! A special shout out to Agape Flights for providing the Thanksgiving Boxes so we could have this amazing meal.

Our missionaries at Real Hope for Haiti were very blessed by your generosity and love . We thoroughly enjoyed the preparation and consumption of our delicious Thanksgiving meal ! We shared your note and scriptures before our prayer. Thank you again for helping us celebrate God's faithfulness to us .We pray you are richly blessed in return .

With love and gratitude from Real Hope for Haiti families- the Betor's , Zachary's and Moise

The Rodriguez family wants to extend their thanks for your gift box this Thanksgiving. Loooove the artwork and messages on it! In all the busy-ness we forgot to take a picture of the turkey!!

We thank God for your congregation and are touched deeply by your thoughtfulness and generosity that allowed us this time of thankfulness, remembering history, fellowship and memory making! God bless you!

Marcos, Missie, Lucas and Emma

Thank you all so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving box. We truly enjoyed all the delicious food inside! It made for an amazing Thanksgiving meal 🙂


Kurt, Katie, Max & Derek

The Clines

Missionaries to the Dominican Republic


Thank you for the Thanksgiving boxes!  We were able to host all the kids and nannies from the small group home we have been house parents in for the last 3 years in our new home where we will soon take 3 of those kids as part of our forever family!

--Sheila Chery
















Dear Agape,

We want to say a huge thanks for your generosity once again in providing turkeys and all the fixings for a very special Thanksgiving meal!

We gather in the Cayes area for a special meal together every year. This year we had 76 people attend. Thanks to the generosity of your donors, our meal included 7 turkeys, and four pans or more of all the traditional sides, including sweet potatoes and stuffing! We had a large array of desserts, including pumpkin pie. I think every year the best part, other than the turkey, is the whipped cream... What a treat!

We had a really meaningful time of sharing in between dinner and dessert that made the day special.

Thanks again for the wonderful service you provide year after year, not only with our cargo, but in bringing us a taste of home and enabling us to be together as a "family" on Thanksgiving!

Becky Thompson, RMI, Les Cayes, Haiti

Once again, Tom and I want to thank you for another wonderful Thanksgiving box of goodies, a big turkey, and some yummy whipped cream!  Certainly, it made our Thanksgiving Day much brighter!!

This year, we didn't have many around our table.  It was just Tom and me and our national pastor.  He came in from FL that day, and we don't get to see him very often, so it was a true celebration to be able to sit down with him.

The next day, our pastors all came together to be with our national pastor and I again served the turkey to some of them.

We had a third meal with our national pastor on Saturday.  This time, we put the remaining turkey in some delicious gravy and ate the rest of our Thursday leftovers.

We ask many blessings on the staff at Agape and for all of those that contributed to make Thanksgiving so happy for all of us here in Haiti!  We are blessed by you!!

All our best,

Tom and Bev Brumbley

Evangelistic World Outreach, Inc. - Haiti

To all of the volunteers who donated this wonderful Thanksgiving meal:


We really enjoyed the decorations on the box as well!


Keith & Kristi | Harvest Call | Les Cayes, Haiti

Hello friends at Agape,

Thank you for the Thanksgiving box.  We enjoyed a great day with friends.  And you made it better.


The Dombroskys | Santo Domingo, DR

Thank you is far from adequate in conveying my appreciation and love for all of  you and your  generosity, both personally and the school.  Thanksgiving was wonderful.

In Psalms it says that God Heaps blessing on us daily.  Thank you for being part of the heap!

Pat Spring| Eleuthera, Bahamas

Hello Agape Flights!

Wow, you certainly have some wonderful volunteers to be able to show such amazing support!!  Sorry, no pictures.  The meal itself was awesome, but what really blessed us again this year is the knowledge that someone cares for us! We are indeed grateful to you!!

Wishing you the Lord's blessings day in and day out! Especially this month of December!!!

Leon and Joy Miller | Les Cayes, Haiti

Hey glory!  Dear Agape...we just wanted to write and say a BIG thank you for the Thanksgiving dinner you sent to us.  The turkey was delicious, as was the pie and all the rest!  A special thank you to Isabella and Hayden, who wrote their names on the box they packed.  Also, a special thank you to Lily Koehl for the nice card she made for us.

God bless you all,

Dave and Ceres Stockeland | Jeremie, Haiti

Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed our Thanksgiving Box.  They are always decorated so cute!

Again the year, we were able to combine our blessings with other Agape members from the Dominican Republic.  There were three missionary families as well as two short-term Mission worker families as we gathered together to give thanks.

Thank you, Agape, for helping us celebrate the season.

Ron and Terry Brian | Port au Prince, Haiti

A great big thank you for our gluten free thanksgiving meal.  I always use it as a teaching time with our 2nd yr cooking students for that reason our thanksgiving meal was delayed one week.  I teach the students about Thanksgiving then we prepare the feast together and everyone must give a prayer of thanks for something this past yr. When done they sit down to enjoy the first helpings. THIS YEAR there was 19 students and 2 teachers. Then as they begin the clean up process, we served the second sitting of extended family and staff of 8. After that then our family sat down to enjoy the meal. So o.o delicious.  Then prepared the carcass, etc for flavoring in the primary school food today. Already 6 of us have enjoyed leftovers this morning. Thank you so much for your generosity.


Mary Jane and Andris Jolibois | Living Hope Ministries in Haiti

We give thanks for Agape Flights

This ministry to the Caribbean missionaries has been such a blessing to us as we have ministered in Haiti over the last 7 years.  In addition to their servant’s hearts of carrying mail and goods to us in Haiti (with no functional mail service of its own) AGAPE goes above and beyond delivering an annual "Thanksgiving meal" pictured above.  They are a great blessing! Agape Flights operates by gifts and donations.

Les & Catherine DeRoos | Les Cayes, Haiti

Normally I spend my Thanksgivings in the States, but this year I was SO blessed to enjoy my turkey and all the trimmings with great missionary friends here in Titanyen.  So attached is a photo one of them might have already sent of the entire "Turkey Day" group.

BUT... I also wanted to give a BIG thanks to the kids who decorated my box of goodies!   What a special treat to see their artwork on my box, so I'm sending along pictures of the box too.  THANKS to the great artists who obviously spent a lot of time drawing!!!

Love to all AGAPE staff who spend so many hours for us every single day!  Praying for all of you to have a wonderful Christmas!

Love and prayers,

Linda Blankenship  (working in Mare Rouge, NW Haiti and also in Titanyen.)






Dear Agape Staff,

Once again, we were so blessed to be provided with a delicious Turkey dinner from our friends and donors there at Agape.   We had wonderful day of food fellowship sharing our dinner with another missionary family and Dominican teenagers/friends of our family

We appreciate the love, generosity, and hard work on the part of those who donated, those who packed it and brought it , as well as the "little ones"  who decorated our box for us.   You all brightened our lives with your kindness and delicious dinner!

We thank the Lord for your faithful service to us and are blessed to have you all behind us and caring for us as we carry on the Lord's work on the mission field of the Dominican Republic.

Once again, "Thank you"  from the bottom of our hearts.

May the Lord continue to bless as you serve Him!

Love in Christ

Mrs. Joy Wesson and family

We had a wonderful celebration with lots, and lots, of food. Our favorite was the turkey, but the dinner definitely would have been incomplete without all the other festive foods. We appreciate your faithful support and your willingness to go the extra mile to bless us.

Merry Christmas!

Cody Zuiderveen | Resonate Global Mission - Haiti


Thank you for blessing us with an American Thanksgiving meal! We were not expecting a decorated box from a thoughtful 11 year old. What a sweet surprise!! The enclosed note identified Kylie is from the Sarasota Apostolic Christian Church.

We do not have freezer access, so our meal was shared the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. Oh, cranberry sauce!!!

Receiving mail, packages and emails is a blessing beyond description. This topped it off. One of our partner's director's 7 year old daughter helped me prepare the entire meal, just she and I. What a fun day for her and me, as well.

God's blessings as you continue to work diligently there at home so that we may serve better out here. We also pray God's blessings on those who partner to support AGAPE Flights Amazing ministry.


Humbly Serving Our King Jesus,

Tricia Spading


CLIMB for Haiti


Greetings from Port-au-Prince in the lovely name of our LORD Christ.

What a joy it was to be able to celebrate a time of Thanksgiving together with family and friends due to the kindness of sponsors for the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. We have participated in this event ever since Keith & Clara Starkey, the founders of Agape Flights, began this blessed tradition of finding sponsors to send in turkeys and fixings to us here in Port-au-Prince.

This year we were forced to celebrate late due to local protests and being stranded for days in the provinces but this only added to our thankfulness to God for His divine providence and protection.


Allan Randall & Anita Chabot-Stahls,