2017 Missionary Thanksgiving Dinner Project THANK YOU!

"A cheerful heart has a continual feast" 

(Prov. 15:15)

We hope these pictures serve as a “Thank you” to you all for delivering the Thanksgiving boxes, the volunteers, and those who donated.  We appreciate it very much and we enjoyed very much the turkey and food.

Thanks so much for making our Thanksgiving so special at Freedom International Ministries!

We appreciate you guys!

Pamela  Hilgeman | Freedom International Ministries, Inc. | Dominican Republic

Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving diner....it was great and we appreciated it

May Lord bless you Ruth 2:12

Louise-Anne and Normand Clermont | Santiago, Dominican Republic

Happy thanksgiving,

Foyer des enfants de la providence and I would like to thank you so much for allowing us to be able to share in the celebration of thanksgiving! We are so honored and blessed by this generosity and service. 

May God bless!!

Marisa Sochacki

Abundant blessings from our Haiti home to yours!

Thank you to everyone who gave of their time, talents and hands in planning, preparing and flying-in the most wonderful Thanksgiving feast we had! I really enjoyed the decorated box with turkey-hands, precious! There simply are words to express the "deliciousness" of the day!

THANK YOU! Thank you again for the feast and all you do throughout the year to bless us with supplies! YOU are blessed to be a blessing and through YOU, so many of us are blessed!   

In HIS joy and peace with grateful hearts,

Cindi & Jeff Farber | Heart of The Father Ministry Inc. | Haiti


Everyone at Agape has blessed us all so much through the years. You guys are the "connection" between "here" and "there." You care enough about us to run errands for the simplest little thing at WalMart, just to delight us! You keep the planes running smooth so that much-needed equipment and supplies can make the difference sometimes between life and death. You are Santa's helpers at Christmas time. You bring our kids' presents at birthday time. You are our angels... and you really do have wings!

Thank you, THANK YOU for all you do, and for who you are.


Darla (and Charlie) Finocchiaro | Dominican Republic

A big thank you to all of you involved in providing our Thanksgiving meal. We feel very loved and blessed. Have a blessed day!

In his love and with our thank you!

Ed and Julie Sanders | Les Cayes, Haiti

God bless you and thank so much for helping make our Thanksgiving such a special time.  Here are some pictures of the Sidler and Wesson family 's Thanksgiving.

Allan Chabot-Stahls

A big THANK YOU from our family in Port-au-Prince, to Agape Venice and all of the wonderful volunteers and donors who made it possible for us to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner again this year.

Nikki Stolberg We LOVE our annual Thanksgiving box from Agape! Thanks to all the donors and volunteers that make this happen every year! It's a huge blessing to us!

2006:  This was us!  

Agape's Thanksgiving day 'fixin's' in our pantry (minus the turkey) is literally ALL we had in the cupboard that year.  We had just moved into our first home in the Dominican Republic.....before that we lived in the homes of other missionaries.

2017:  This year we shared our table (and turkey) with Magdiel, from Venezuela.  He attends our church and moved in with us while working here to bring his wife and 2 month old son to the Dominican Republic.  There is nothing like hearing a young man taste pumpkin pie for the very first time!!!

Thank you so much Agape Flights staff, all the donors and volunteers that provide for us during this very special time!  You are so loved!


Karen and Bud Simon, and Magdiel Sierra  (Wife: Monica, Son: Fabian) | Missionary Ventures International - Dominican Republic   

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the Thanksgiving goodies. We have a new single missionary here this year, as well as a new family of 6. Holidays are usually times to get sad and homesick, but this year everyone was happy with their turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, hot buns, cranberry sauce, and of course, new friends which become as close as family in a new country. Thank you for making the transition easier. In La Vega we had a big dinner on Wednesday with the La Vega Christian School staff, then a missionary gathering on Thursday, then special Thanksgiving desserts on Sunday for our bilingual church. And in between, my personal favorite, turkey soup. Please pass along our thanks to the generous folks shared their Thanksgiving with us. 

God bless,

Debbie and Mitch Martinez

On behalf of the sisters at Mary Gate of Heaven Orphanage thank you for the delicious food and for making it possible and so easy to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed the feast.  We are very grateful for all you do to support us and other missionaries.   Be assured of our gratitude and prayers!  Many blessings!  

Thank you for the Thanksgiving basket.  You made us feel loved and valued.  It is our prayer that God blessing you abundantly.  We had the privilege of celebrating a multi-cultural Thanksgiving.  There were Americans, Haitians and Dominicans enjoying the feast that you provided.

Blessings to you and Yours, 

Darrel and Bonnie Clowers | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dear Agape Flights and Thanksgiving Dinner Donors,

Thank-you so much for the delicious Thanksgiving dinner!  Thanksgiving noon we had an outreach to the women's prison here in Santiago.  It was in celebration of "Day of the Family" here in Dominican Republic.  The women prisoners who had good conduct were allowed to invite their children and a guardian to the prison courtyard for an activity in which we were privileged to present puppets, testimonies and the gospel message.  Several responded when the invitation was given to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Small gifts were given to each child in attendance.

On returning home we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with Turkey roasted in the crock pot, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, fruit salad and the works!  We had two couples visiting us from the U.S. and friend who works with our ministry join us.

As a special highlight we also celebrated on Thanksgiving, twenty-two years serving in the D.R.   

Thanks so much for making our Thanksgiving special and memorable.  

Blessings in Jesus!

Trena and Tim Johnson | Santiago, Dominican Republic

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you at Agape Flights and all those who contributed to the Thanksgiving meals here in Haiti.  We enjoyed a great day with friends and wonderful food.  Since we were with friends, we are able to 'save' our turkey for Christmas.  So we will be remembering Agape twice and thanking the Lord for you and your great service to us.  We've been with Agape for over 30 years and only missed our turkey once, because we were in the USA.  You've been a blessing to us and we love being part of this Agape family.

Roger, Margaret & Rachel Clark | Port au Prince, Haiti

Dear donor,

We would like to say thank you for the turkey and the trimmings you gave us.   It is always a blessing to receive those especially that turkeys are so expensive in Haiti. 

However, we did not eat the turkey yet. We are Canadians and our Thanksgiving falls in October of each year.  We always save it for Christmas. As you will understand, we do not have pictures yet.  We always share it with several people.  Every person that comes through our gate on that day, we usually invite them in.  

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Michel & Louise Charbonneau

On behalf of Evangelistic World Outreach, Tom and I want to express our thanks for supplying us with a turkey and fixings once again this Thanksgiving.  We appreciate the consistency of Agape Flights in doing this for us every year for so many years!!  

We were blessed to share our Thanksgiving with John and Joyce Hanson and Roger and Margaret Clark, also subscribers of Agape Flights.  Also, an added highlight was that our daughter, Lindsey, and granddaughter, Maya, were also here to celebrate with us!!

Thanks to all who had a part in making our Thanksgiving, once again, a very special day.  


Tom and Bev Brumbley | Port au Prince, Haiti

P.S.  Turkey is my very favorite food, so love getting the turkey every year!!

Thank you for thanksgiving dinner. May God continue to bless you.

Pastor Ernest and Arnouse Saintilvert

Everyone at Agape and all the faithful donators.

Thank you so much for the awesome Thanksgiving box and turkey. Thanksgiving dinner is always exciting here, because I work with our 2nd year cooking students preparing a Typical American Thanksgiving Dinner from the box you supplied us. Then we go around the table and give thanks for what God has done for us. After the blessings. I carve the turkey, and we start passing dishes of sliced turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, gravy, glazed carrots, fresh green beans, cranberry sauce, bread, and of course pumpkin and pecan pies with whipped cream. How delicious all is. How fun it is to share the history of the 1st Thanksgiving with our Haitian students and the blessings of the meal and fellowship. 

Thank you again  and God bless you all abundantly.

MaryJane & Andris Jolibois | Living Hope Ministries | Port au Prince, Haiti

Hi there at Agape.

We just wanted to say "thanks' for the donations for our Thanksgiving. We had a very nice meal with the full spread: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin cheesecake desert. Here's a photo: it's just Sandra and I since our kids are all gone. 

But we do have our church community and will be contributing to the Christmas dinner on Dec. 16, in which we will provide cookies and a few other goodies. 

So, thanks for the thoughtful and generous donations. 

Steve & Sandra Brauning | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

On behalf of the Yates family, I'd like to say thank you all so much for making our Thanksgiving meal happen! To all the volunteers, donors, and little fingers who drew on the boxes. Thank you so much. We are truly grateful! So much to be thankful for! We've attached some pictures. : )

We love you all,

Ryan, Melissa, Isaac, and Hannah Yates | Eleuthera, Bahamas

It's not too late to say THANK YOU for the gift to celebrate Thanksgiving day in Dominican Republic. We have been blessed by Agape in some many ways and our hearts are full of joy and gratefulness. As every year, we invite people to our house to have a dinner,  and we try to share with people that don't have family in the country.  Our intention is to share love and companion. 

Agape and all his volunteers make this celebration possible, so thank you all!


Celso ans Anabel Perez | Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Thank you guys for getting my shopping list for me.  🙂   Sure appreciate all you do throughout the year and especially during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays to help us feel "not so far from home".

Please express our thanks to the many donors who gave so generously for us to enjoy a wonderful, complete, Thanksgiving meal.   

We have attached several pictures. One from that day and a recent one of our family.

Thank you!

Joy Wesson and family | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



We wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift of Thanksgiving for our families here at RHFH.  It was a busy clinic day but we had Thanksgiving dinner together.  It was nice to spend time with everyone and have a nice evening.

Licia Betor | Real Hope for Haiti | Port au Prince, Haiti




Thank you for those who donated, boxed, and sent the Thanksgiving meals this year.  As we joined the rest of the Cite Lumiere/Southwestern Haiti missionary community, we were blessed by the food that you gave.

Bondye beni nou!

Laura and Joel Sutton | Les Cayes, Haiti



Dear friends and fellow ministers,

Greetings from the mission field of Haiti. Marlene and I are very grateful to God for your prayers and supports to our ministries. Thank you so much for providing this meal at our thanksgiving table. We really appreciate this sharing.

We pray that God will continue to bless you and to provide to you beyond your expectations.

In the Love of Christ,

Joel & Marlene Dorsinville | Limbe, Haiti