"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
--1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Agape Thanksgiving Boxes + Birds = GRATITUDE and JOY!

When Agape’s Thanksgiving “boxes and birds” are delivered to the mission field, it might as well be labeled “JOY in a box” - or for some of the missionaries, the joy comes from that great can of whipped cream!



Thank you

Thank you for the beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. Every year I use the Thanksgiving dinner as a special  class with our 2nd year cooking school students. I teach them and we cook together the Thanksgiving dinner. Then I explain about Thanksgiving and everyone shares what they are thankful for, they all share in the food. After the students leave about 5:30 P.M. then we prepare for our family dinner with the leftovers. The weekend following we share the turkey carcass and leftovers with our staff and students in their school food. 

Thankyou again for the blessings and all you do to assist us in the ministry.

MaryJane & Andris Jolibois

Living Hope Ministries in Haiti


Thanksgiving Dinner

Thank you so very very much for bringing Thanksgiving to our home this year!!! We would not have been able to afford to buy all these things here otherwise! We love you all and greatly appreciate all you do for us! 

It's so nice to have this reminder that we are thought of though we are away from our families during this time. pape

Thanks again and God bless you,

The Pape Family 

Thanks so much for sending us the thanksgiving gift.  We had a good dinner with our family and friends.  God Bless.

Armonon Abrahamabraham

Thanks Agape Flights and volunteers and donors for our Thanksgiving box!!


Dear Agape Flights family,

Thanks so much for your investment in us.  This time of year our hearts and minds are with our families back home.  What a huge blessing for us to have a “typical” Thanksgiving meal.  FYI, we are inviting a few missionary friends and a few Dominican friends to share this amazing meal with us!!


Chad Nelson


Dear Agape Thanksgiving Donor,

  It is a few days before we celebrate a special time of giving Thanks.  No matter what the hardships we face or the joys that flow our way, God wants us to give Him "thanks" and acknowledge Him in all situations.  We want to extend a huge thank-you to the Agape Turkey Dinner donors.  What a blessing each year this special meal is to us.  May God richly bless you for your love towards us in these difficult days.  May His mercy and great love flow your way during this special season of Thanksgiving.

Jan and Val Gutwein, Derek 13 and Joel 11

In the photo...our married children Tess, Alisha and Mark with their spouses and our grandchildren, Sophia, Adam, Joanna, and Silas


Giving thanks!

Just wanted to say thank you so very much for the Thanksgiving box and turkey!  As your aware people don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Dominican republic so we have been able to turn this into a day to share the true meaning of the holiday!  A day to give thanks to the Lord and especially for his son Jesus Christ. 

This year we had 84 people (= 4 turkeys) many of which don't know Christ yet.  It is a great opportunity to show Christ love to those around us.

Thanks again!  We very much appreciate all you guys do for us!

Till the whole world hears...,

Ed Zogg

zogg1 zogg2 zogg3hanks

Thanksgiving thank you


MANY, MANY thanks for making our family's Thanksgiving amazing.

Thank you again!!!!!


Thankful for you all at AGAPE FLIGHTS!

We want to thank you all for your labor of love all year but especially for the time you all took to pack and send the boxes with the turkey money.  You are a huge blessing to us all on the field and we trust that you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving together.

We did not have any of our family this year so we decided to share our Thanksgiving with unsaved 3 couples we are trying to get close to here in the San Pedro who have no family here.  A Venezuelan couple, Jesús and Patricia and a couple from Spain, Fernando and Eugene who are working here in the DR.  We had invited a Mexican Baseball family as well but their children got sick and they couldn’t come.   They had always heard about the “American Thanksgiving” but never understood the meaning or eaten all the yummy food.  That has all changed for them as we shared the meaning and the meal together and gave thanks to the Lord for HIS abundant blessings in all our lives.  They thanked us over and over again for the invitation and the wonderful evening and look forward to getting together again.  Thanks for helping make this a special day for us and for them.

In HIS grip,

Bill and Priscilla

Thank you!

Agape Flights,

Thank you to everyone who brought, packed, and donated the missionary Thanksgiving boxes!  We weren’t sure if we were going to get them this year, but it came through and I know it’s been crazy with the customs changes in the Dominican so we appreciate all the hard and time consuming work that went into getting those delivered!  Our team had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we appreciate all that you do to make living life in the Dominican that much easier with special treats and all of the packages that get delivered here!

You all are awesome and your support work is very much appreciated from this missionary! 

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Pamela  Hilgeman



We gathered at Jerry and Betty Poppe's for many, many years to celebrate the Thanksgiving feast with many missionaries that did not have family here in the DR.

We miss Jerry/Betty and know after so many years in Haiti and then here in the DR, they are really enjoying the COLD, snowy days in Minnesota.... because they are with family and loved ones.

We were able to cook at home this year and the Lord sent those to us who we should invite to our Thanksgiving table.  What a blessing it was.  The food, fun, football, and fellowship was fantastic!!!!  ...and we were with God's family

TO: Agape, the donors, those who colored the boxes, wrote notes, packed the boxes, did the shopping, drove the truck, made the phone calls, printed the labels, loaded the plane....more tasks than we will ever know, we thank you....we pray for you, we are reminded to take this day and give thanks....and thankful we are....more than you can ever know.

We thank you that...."the people had a mind to work!" Neh. 4

The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree!  Ps. 92:12


Love, Love, Love,

Karen and Bud Simon


Thank you for the Thanksgiving meal!

Dear Volunteers,

We can't thank you enough for putting together the Thanksgiving meals! We were able to share the turkey and sides with our small missionary community up here in the mountains of Haiti and made a Thanksgiving party out if it! Having those things here makes the heart ache a little less when missing the holidays with friends and family stateside. So thank you so much for your service! Be so blessed in Jesus!

Kirsten Lancour



Kirsten Lancour