Mission Partners need resources to impact the Caribbean for Christ.

We Listen. We Respond. We Deliver.

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In a world where resources are few and the infrastructure is sparse, Agape Flights’ timely deliveries of mail and supplies are vital to sustain missionary families and their ministries.

Hundreds of mission partners rely on Agape Flights to transport the mail and supplies they need while living and working on the mission field in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.

Agape Flights is an important stateside connection for missionaries — by serving as their “home” address, Agape provides dependable mail service and the personalized cargo service the missionaries need. Agape Flights also:

Mission Partners Served in 2021
Flights in 2021
LBS of Cargo, Mail, and Emergency Supplies Delivered in 2021

Transforming lives in the Caribbean for over 40 years

Clean Water & Community Resources
Evangelism & Discipleship
Home & Church Construction
Medical & Dental Care
Micro-Enterprise Opportunities
Orphan Care
Vocational Training

Every week our aircraft departs from the Agape Flights’ hangar in Venice, Florida – transporting all kinds of provisions. Our pilots are met at airports throughout the islands by missionaries who serve as the distribution network on the ground, ensuring that provisions reach their intended destinations: orphanages, medical clinics, hospitals, schools, and churches. Agape affiliated mission partners share the love of Christ through:

  • agriculture
  • athletics
  • clean water and community resources
  • education
  • evangelism and discipleship
  • home and church construction
  • medical and dental care
  • micro-enterprise opportunities
  • orphan care
  • vocational training

It’s then that the transformation begins…

Your gift to Agape Flights helps provide a better life to millions.

Through Christ, His people and aircraft, Agape Flights delivers love and hope.

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