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Serving Christ by Serving His Missionaries

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20 hours ago

Agape Flights

From the Loving Shepherd Ministries Blog (Agape Missionary Affiliates in Les Cayes, Haiti)

When you talk to Dio, you are struck with the warmth of his smile. He is compassionate and cares deeply about others. You would never guess the hardships this man has endured over his short 27 years on earth. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew stole his home and his farm. During the clean-up process, Dio was involved in a severe automobile accident. He shattered his hip and had multiple other injuries. He laid in a hospital bed for weeks with a sheet tied around his pelvic bone. He was determined to use his healing time to educate himself and learn English.

One year later his father passed away. As the oldest of six children and a mother to care for, Dio knew what he had to do. But in a country where jobs are scarce, how would he provide for all of them?

Then he heard about Loving Shepherd Ministries. A mechanic was needed.

Dio had many of the skills needed for this job. And although he didn’t yet know about the amazing ministry he’d be a part of, he knew that applying meant the chance to feed his family and provide in a once hopeless situation.

Safe transportation is something Dio knows the importance of first hand. Like all Haitians, they know that the reality is, any time you travel on the difficult roads you’re at some level of risk. That’s why LSM prioritizes the safety and availability of our vehicles. It makes a huge difference for our staff and Home of Hope familes!

Vehicles are necessary so we can deliver supplies to our Homes of Hope and transport children for medical needs. Our staff needs safe transportation so they can access the homes and provide education services and deliver supplies. Without Dio and the other mechanics, we would not be able to effectively care for our children.

Today, Dio is the Vehicle Manager for LSM. His excellent communication in English has been a huge benefit as he daily corresponds with our US staff. It was as if God was gently showing Dio how every season of his life was preparing him for this new position!

As part of the automotive program at LSM, Dio’s job has made a profound difference in his life as well as his family’s. His brother also works as a mechanic alongside of him. Dio says, “Work is freedom! You have given me the freedom to provide for my family. I can now get them food and care for them because I have work. Thank you!”

One job has transformed the future for an entire family because of your prayers and financial support. Thank you for partnering with us. You are making a difference!

Thank YOU for helping Agape serve Loving Shepherd Ministries missionaries as they serve and shine the light of Christ in Les Cayes, Haiti! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Agape Flights


Each flight is customized to what our mission partners on the ground are saying that they need, they then meet the planes at the airport and distribute supplies in their communities. One major need fulfilled on today’s flight is air mattresses so that people have a place to sleep. Pray with us for a safe flight and that these air mattresses that you helped deliver not only bring physical rest and comfort, but the rest and comfort in knowing that there is a Heavenly Father who loves them and a community of people dedicated to caring for them and showing them Agape love. #agapelove #bahamasstrong #hurricanedorian #missionaviation #reliefflights ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Agape Flights

#bahamasstrong #agapelove @godspitcrew ... See MoreSee Less