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Happy kids with new shoes.
Thank you Agape for the big box with children's and youth shoes.
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From a recent newsletter update from missionaries in Haiti Roger and Margaret Clark:
"Frist of all we continue to help those who were affected greatly by Hurricane Matthew that hit Haiti in October. There are many who are still without homes, and others who have not recovered from the loss of livestock and farms. Yet, as God enables us, we help however we can.
In our last report, we told how we re-roofed 2 schools, helped rebuild 15 homes and purchased 50 animals: cows, goats, sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens. Since, then we have helped purchase 2 donkeys, 1 mule and 3 goats. Also, we have helped rebuild 25 homes. One of the homes we helped rebuild was for a woman who was 7 months pregnant when the hurricane destroyed her home. The day she moved back in to her re-built home she gave birth, and she thanked God for His provision. You must understand that it is impossible for women in this village to see a doctor or nurse when they deliver because the only way out is riding a donkey 2 hours and riding in public transportation for another hour."

Thank you Roger and Margaret for all that you are doing to spread the love of Christ in Haiti.
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It's a bird...it's a plane...it's super YOU! Today we got to honor the real superheroes of Agape Flights--our fabulous volunteers! God has given us incredible volunteers with SUPER talents, abilities, and hearts! We are SO very thankful for each and every volunteer. Also, a big thank you to Yellow Sub Cafe for the yummy HERO sandwiches and 'SOUP'er soup! ... See MoreSee Less