Missionary Partners

Agape Flights serves missionary partners throughout the nations of the Caribbean.  These missionaries provide an invaluable service to all of the men, women and children who they serve daily and faithfully. Their stories are amazing, inspiring and uplifting.

For information about missionaries currently affiliated with Agape Flights:

Agape missionary partners serve as the vital distribution network on the ground. Their participation ensures the supplies reach their destination. Agape is very grateful for each missionary who takes a turn meeting our pilots and plane at the airports.

Frequently used forms

If you are an affiliated missionary in need of any of the following documents, please follow the links to the attached .PDFs or websites.

Become an Agape Missionary Affiliate

If you are interested in becoming an affiliated missionary with Agape Flights, please refer to the Agape Flights Prerequisites for Affiliation. If you meet the qualifications, you may complete and submit an  application.  If you have questions, contact us at moc.s1542303105thgil1542303105fepag1542303105a@sno1542303105issim1542303105og1542303105 or 941-488-0990.