Help us set another table this Thanksgiving

Give to the 2013 Missionary Thanksgiving Dinner Project.

Your $80 gift helps deliver a turkey and all the trimmings to one missionary family in Haiti, the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic.

simosWEBMissionaries partnering with Agape Flights feed thousands of people every day.  Please consider stretching your Thanksgiving guest list to include a missionary family.

$80 covers the entire cost of the turkey and trimmings, and about half the cost of transportation.*

Thanksgiving dinners are carefully boxed by Agape volunteers and delivered by our pilots. This program is sponsored in part by Sweetbay Supermarket.

* Contributions to the Thanksgiving Project Fund cover food and additional fuel and cargo costs associated with Thanksgiving flights. If 2013 Thanksgiving Project contributions exceed  program costs, funds will be directed to the one-time 2014 Engine Overhaul Fund.

Click here to make a contribution.

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