Current Flight Schedule

Current Flight Schedule:

We will not be posting the flight schedules for each Bahamas relief flight.  They are leaving the hangar continuously.  If you would like to follow the flight activity follow our Facebook page.


Plane:   N316AF

Thursday, Sept 12, 2019

Destination Local Time
Arrive N. Eleuthera 9:00am
Arrive Cap Haitien 12:00pm
Arrive Les Cayes 1:45pm
Arrive Port au Prince 3:15pm
Arrive Santo Domingo 5:15pm


Friday, Sept 13, 2019

Unload DR cargo 9:00am
Arrive Governors Harbor-                relief supplies 12:15pm
Arrive Sarasota 2:30pm
Arrive Venice 3:30pm

Please continue to pray with us!  Thank you!