Agape Flights’ Core Values

What guides our actions?

At Agape Flights, we strive to honor God, obey His Word and follow His living example of love, Jesus Christ.

“Agape,” the Greek word for God’s unconditional love, and the word chosen to represent this organization by our ministry’s founders, is an integral part of what guides our daily actions and ministry service.

This set of shared values acts as a foundation for everyone working together at Agape Flights.

Living out our core values helps Agape Flights stand accountable and reflect our mission, purpose and beliefs in all that we do.

Our Core Values are: Service, Integrity, Excellence and Shared Purpose.


IMG_0136 Marie Margaret, Keidra, Marie Therese, & SarahService is foundational at Agape Flights; the core of what we do. We are humbled by this opportunity and committed to serving God and supporting His missionaries. We live out the value of service when we:

  • Focus on the needs of the missionaries and effectively meet those needs.
  • Truly care about the people we serve above the task at hand.
  • Provide dependable delivery of mail and supplies to the missionaries.
  • Prepare and process cargo attentively and carefully.
  • Plan ahead to achieve the best results, yet remain flexible to meet emerging needs.
  • Follow up and follow through.
  • Use our time, talent, and resources to help others.

For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints, but is also overflowing in many acts of thanksgiving to God (2 Corinthians 9:12).


Honesty and openness are pillars of integrity. We place God’s ways in front of our own desires and are committed to doing what is right even when no one is looking.

We live out the value of integrity when we:

  • Do what we say we will, keep our word and are trustworthy.
  • Conduct ourselves and our ministry honestly, ethically, and consistently; in a transparent manner that reflects God’s Holy standards.
  • Care for and use our resources wisely.
  • Maintain humility.
  • Treat everyone with respect and consideration, including each other, staff, missionaries, volunteers, donors and board of director members, and all others we interact with, even when we disagree.
  • Declare conflicts of interest and remove ourselves from related decision making.
  • Keep people informed with open, honest, fair and timely communication.
  • Maintain confidences, especially confidential donor information.
  • Strive to remain above reproach.
  • Admit our errors, make amends and learn from honest mistakes.

For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord, but also in the eyes of men. (2 Corinthians 8:21).


Excellence compels us to constantly work toward improving ourselves and our service. By growing our passion to improve in a way that glorifies God, our ministry moves forward and upward in performance and accomplishment.

We live out the value of excellence when we:

  • Invite and listen to the voice of those we serve, and find ways to meet or exceed their needs.
  • Go above and beyond to delight God and all those we serve.
  • Take personal initiative to learn, be informed and gain new knowledge, skills, and understanding.
  • Account to each other for our actions and speech.
  • Take responsibility, see ourselves clearly and work hard to fulfill our position.
  • Continually improve processes to eliminate errors and provide better service.
  • Exhibit self-discipline by investing time and effort in our relationship with God and others.
  • Ask when we don’t know.
  • Learn from best practices and make calculated endeavors.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him (Colossians 3:17).

Shared Purpose

God has invited us to work with Him; to share in His purpose for this ministry. We are committed to building a unified team to attain our organization’s goals.

Cindy Darnell led the Agape Flights staff in a prayer walk Aug. 28, 2013.We strive to demonstrate the Scriptural example of “one body and many parts” working together to accomplish God’s desires. We live out the value of shared purpose when we:

  • Recognize and partner with staff, affiliated missionaries, prayer partners, donors, volunteers, board members, churches, ministries and organizations.
  • Operate as a cohesive unit while sharing a common mission and vision.
  • Promote unity by functioning as a team, collaborating sharing knowledge and the total workload.
  • Build strategic partnerships by seeking and sharing knowledge.
  • Engage in proactive and effective decision making while considering available data and the Holy Spirit’s prompting.
  • Welcome missionaries, volunteers, church and community members, guests, and staff to create a sense of belonging.
  • Include people of diverse age, gender, ethnicity and Christian denominations.