About the Aircraft

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Agape Flights uses the Embraer 110 “Bandeirante,” or “Bandit.”

Our main ship, N316AF, was built in 1980 by the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica).
The Embraer 110 ‘Bandit’ is certified for day or night flight, operating under visual or instrument flight rules and known icing conditions.

Weights and Loadings

Max. Ramp Weight: 12,566
Max Takeoff Weight: 12,500
Empty Weight: 7,205
Useful Load: 5,294
Max Agape Cargo Load: 3,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 454 gallons
Wing Loading: 39.91 lbs per square foot
Power Loading: 8.33 lbs/HP



Stall Speed Vso: 72 kias
Vfe: 148 kias
Vle/lo: 146 kias
Vmo: 230 kias
Rate of Climb: 1,250 fpm
Takeoff Ground Roll: 2,500 feet
Max Ceiling: 25,000 feet
Cruise Performance: 200 knots



Range and Endurance

At 200 ground speed, fuel consumption of 500 pounds per hour, range is 5.5 hours or 1,100 nautical miles
Powerplant: Pratt and Whitney PT6A-34
Takeoff power @ 2,200 RPM: 750 shp
Max continuous power: 700 shp


Constant speed, fully feathering, reversible
Diameter: 93 inches
Prop tip clearance: 10.8 inches


Cabin Width: 63.0 inches
Cabin Height: 63.0 inches
Cabin Length: 374.0 inches
Rear Cargo Door Width: 71 inches
Height: 56 inches


Width: 50.26 feet
Length: 49.54 feet
Height: 16.54 feet
Minimum Turning Radius: 41.6 feet