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Serving Christ by Serving His Missionaries

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3 days ago

Agape Flights

We are two weeks into a gas shortage in Haiti and rumor appears its not letting up anytime soon. The government of Haiti hasn't had money to pay for the ships bringing in gas. All gas comes in through Port au Prince, and so when it is purchased, the majority of it gets distributed there and little makes it over the mountain pass to Cap Haitien.

What does this mean for us?
-When gas IS available, it means sitting in long lines, sometimes for up to 3 hours at a time.
-Almost daily trips to town to buy/look for gas.
-We have to be even more diligent than ever to keep our power consumption low.
-It means that we have been having to buy gas off the streets at incredibly inflated prices (and hope that it hasn't been watered down).
-Today after driving all over looking for gas and HOURS in line, Izarak was finally able to bribe a gas attendant into selling him 10 gallons, which we will have to make last for as long as possible.
-Nick was planning on heading to the Dominican Republic yesterday to buy groceries as our shelves are getting bare and he doesn't want to leave us for a week without food. Unfortunately we didn't have enough gas to get there. Instead we bought a few things in town to hold us over until his return. We normally don't do this as there isn't much available and prices are way higher than the DR.

These past few weeks remind us why we can not be dependent on gas, but self-sufficient with our solar production. We are so thankful for everyone who donated at the end of the year towards helping us expand our system! We hope to make the upgrade soon.

We'd appreciate prayers that this situation resolves itself quickly. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Agape Flights


Please pray with us for a safe mission flight this week. Thank you prayer warriors!!

Plane: N316AF

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Destination Local Time
Arrive Exuma 9:00am
Arrive Cap Haitien 11:30am
Arrive Jeremie 1:15pm
Arrive Les Cayes 2:15pm
Arrive Port au Prince 3:45pm
Arrive Santo Domingo 6:30pm

Friday, January 18, 2019

Unload DR cargo 9:00am
Arrive W. Palm Beach 1:30pm
Arrive Venice 2:30pm
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6 days ago

Agape Flights

The children of the national school of Rivage in St Jean Gaspard, South, Haiti are so happy they can quench their thirst on such a hot day of school.
Water is not an accessible resource in Haiti and most schools in the rural areas are deprived of running water or fountains that would allow the children to safely drink water and to wash their hands, a practice that is of most importance in maintaining a good health.
Before a generous soul donated a well to this school, they used to get water from the next village well, a long walk under the harsh sun.
After school, there is no longer a need to go on such a long walk; just refill their jug for their daily family needs of water before leaving the school!
Such a generous deed has a great positive and long -lasting impact on these children’s lives: water collection is less of a burden, leaving more time for school work and playtime!
To that donor-- thanks for being the one that brings such joy and comfort to the many children who’d been left without clean water by sponsoring a well in their village. We praise the Lord for each of you that is joining us in that challenging journey. May the Lord keep blessing all of us so we can be a blessing for others by responding to such basic daily needs.
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