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The plane is loaded and we are ready for this week's mission flight. Please pray with us for a safe flight!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Destination Local Time
Arrive Exuma 9:00am
Arrive Cap Haitien 10:20am
Arrive Les Cayes 12:00pm
Arrive Port au Prince 1:30pm
Arrive Santo Domingo 4:30pm

Friday, September 30, 2016

Unload DR cargo 9:00am
Arrive Sarasota 2:30pm
Arrive Venice 3:15pm
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We love the missionary families we serve! Look at this response to our 2016 Missionary Thanksgiving Dinner Project e-mail to the missionaries:

"Thank you for providing Thanksgiving Dinners again! It is a huge blessing. I have attached my picture for you- I am your # 1 fan!" --Dona Banks | Missionary in the Bahamas

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Update from the field...

Dear Loved Ones,
Greeting. Let us visit with Mr. Joseph Martin on the right of the photo. Mr. Joseph is from the small town of Dondo. Dondo is 10 km from Cap-Haitian and 20 Miles from Pignon.
On a Wednesday April 27, 2005, as he clearly recalls, Mr. Joseph Martin was operated for cataracts at our eye clinic in the city of Cap-Haitian. Since then he sees like a teenager. Because of the best treatment Mr. Joseph has received, he has assigned himself the task of bringing those in need of eye care to our clinic.
In the photo Mr. Joseph has brought Mr. Henri Kane Cheri on the left. The operation for Mr. Henri K. Cheri is scheduled for next week.
This discipleship ministry is the unspoken goal of the eye clinic. Provide the best care to all and let patients talk about what they have seen, what they have received. They are our witness to the end of the world.
This is what Jesus is asking us when He demands us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” We make them in giving them the best treatment they can have in our city.
Thank you for standing by our sides.

Serving the Master in Haiti,

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