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TEAMWORK & PARTNERSHIP - we are so blessed to have these things fueling our ministry. Check out that team loading the Agape plane! Also, this week you will notice that there is a NEW delivery location on this week’s schedule. We will be carrying some cargo for MFI from Cap Haitien to Barahona. It only makes sense since we pass right by Barahona every Thursday on our way from Port au Prince to Santo Domingo. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will be able to do this for them more frequently and thereby help MFI save an extra hour and a half of flying time and fuel. God is so good and we are thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ!

Here is this week's schedule:

Plane: N316AF

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Arrive Cap Haitien 9:15am 1415Z - Pick up MFI cargo for Baharrona
Arrive Les Cayes 11:00am 1600Z
Arrive Port Au Prince 12:30pm 1730Z
Arrive Barahona 3:00pm 1900Z -- MFI cargo delivery
Arrive Santo Domingo 4:30pm 2030Z -- overnight here

Friday, June 24, 2016
Unload DR cargo 9:00am 1300Z
Arrive Sarasota 2:30pm 1830Z
Arrive Venice 3:15pm 1915Z
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